Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stopping for the night.

I have unearthed a portion of my main desk in the craft room. It is now possible to see table as opposed to piles of stuff. Hoping to get that the rest of the way cleared tomorrow and get a good chunk of my center "island" table emptied as well.

More boxes of random things have been sorted through and dealt with. These boxes appeared the last time my mother came up to visit. Apparently she didn't remember me telling her that specific piles of things left behind when I moved here a year ago were for Goodwill or junk to be thrown out. In fact the "trash" written on one box didn't ring any bells either. This is what happens when I listen to my mother when she says, "Don't worry about the rest of this right now. Just get the critters into the U-Haul and get going before it's too late to drive." There are more of them in the garage. Ugh. Oh well. She really thought she was helping. I can't fault her for trying. I just wish she hadn't carted them up right after I finally had gotten everything already here put away in the limited space I have. *sigh* Wishes, horses... yeah.

Of course the rest of the mess that grew around the boxes came from working on a project in front of the TV in the living room and then having to quickly put it away. And taking supplies for specific projects to miniature club meetings and not having a chance to sort it and put it where it belongs. And trips out of town that result in bringing home more treasures that don't get sorted because washing the cigarette smell from our clothes is more important that playing with new toys. And then Yule happened and more stuff got shoved out of the way... This is how chaos is formed.

I'm hoping to get the room sorted out before the pain kicks back into high gear. I'm racing Nature and the clock, since I'm waiting on the arrival of a certain Greenleaf dollhouse kit. FH helped me come up with an idea for the contest as a nice distraction from the barrage of medical tests that are in my near future. I will post pics after the contest is over.

In other news the critters all seem to be doing alright. Castor's stomach has calmed down so much on the new food. Pollux and Confetti aren't showing any signs of the food disagreeing with their systems. Both rabbits are enjoying the warmer temperatures that mean outdoor trips.

Speaking of critters and cute things, if you don't already read Boulderneigh hop over there to see some of the first pictures of this lambing season.

That's it for me tonight.


The Carolina Quilter said...

I must, must, must resolve to go through all the boxes and stacks of fabrics and other varied and sundry collections from my many past, present and oft-times crafting projects. My basement is truly like a burial ground of cast off arts and crafts and it has to be dealt with. Good luck!

Mini Leaps and Bounds

MiniKat said...

Jody that appeals to the explorer in me. I would help you if I could. :-)

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Ah, thanks for the plug! Little Bronwen is doing great; no other new lambs yet.