Sunday, March 29, 2009

My First Dollhouse, Pt. 2: The Bed and Other Sewn Things

Of course the rabbits needed beds right away and not just any beds. I remember seeing pictures of bedding in catalogs and wanted beds to be pretty like the pictures. My mother let me have some nice fabric that coordinated well and turned me loose with a needle and thread.

The mattresses needed to fit into the halves of a flat box that I had found. I'm not sure why I chose the box, but it worked well.

Do you see the little knots to make the mattress look quilted?
I had forgotten all about them until I found these toys after I moved out. Next came the comforter and matching pillows.
Then I had beds. Apparently I decided to use some larger "practice" pillows to make something resembling a sofa or stuffed chair. Not sure where the red thing came from. Probably came with a baby doll or something when I was even younger.
Oh, the pink thing next to it... that was an attempt at crochet. No clue what I was trying to make. But I remember the pink yarn and still have that crochet hook. The rug is a scrap of fabric that I raveled the edges to look fringed.

Every little girl needs a doll. And just because this girl was a rabbit was no exception.
I vaguely remember taking a bit of fluff, wadding it up tightly and covering it with a scrap. Mom tried showing me how to make French knots for the eyes by myself, but she ended up doing both eyes for me. I drew the rest of the face and hair with marker. It still didn't look like a doll until I put the red scrap over it's head.


TreeFeathers said...

This post made me laugh out loud - the mysteriously upholstered pillow/couch, the crocheted something-or-other, the meticulously knotted mattress... reminds me SO much of my own childhood mini crafts! You are so lucky to still have all those things. :)

- Grace

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

Just goes to show that our interests are set pretty early. Me, I was always horse-crazy and loved all critters. I played for hours with little plastic horses and Breyer model horses; drew a lot of horses, too. Sheep didn't figure into my play much then - but they sure do now!

MiniKat said...

I was like that too until the Sylvanian Families hit the market in the 80's.

The I had to have a dollhouse and little things for it. Everything got turned into a dollhouse... like when little boys turn their sister's dolls into guns. It was strange for my parents but fun for me. ;-)