Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From My Stash 3-11-09

It got much, much colder here overnight, so today's stash theme is quilts. All of these quilts were stitched by Stephanie Stith, a dear friend of mine from my St. Louis miniature group. I love each of these quilts for different reasons. For each quilt picture, I took a second one to better show the pattern and stitching. I hope you enjoy them!

Baby Quilt - She stitched this one from a kit. I think she found the kit at the Miniature Museum of Greater St. Louis.
Brown Patchwork Quilt - FH's hunting cabin scene will look more comfortable with this quilt on the bed.
Lap Quilt for a living room setting that I have planned.

Rainbow Quilt- Not sure where this one is going to live. I just fell in love with the happy colors.

Country Primitive Star Quilt - This one might end up in my Independence Day vignette. I'm not sure yet. It could end up on a bed somewhere.
Tulip Quilt - A better look at the quilt from last week. I don't know where this one is going to go either. But I think it may be headed for a bed.

Wow. I had forgotten how many of these beauties I had hidden away. I guess it's time to start getting the rooms finished for them to shine.


Terry said...

wow !!! thay are beautiful.

Meli said...

All are beautiful and so well done!! Congratulations all I have seen is absolutely great.

Karen B. said...

I am loving the fibery goodness of these mini quilts. It would be really neat to make one! Hmmmm.

MiniKat said...

It doesn't take much. If you look closely at the tulip quilt it was a regular print. Stephanie stitched the "blocks" into existence.

A. Wright said...

I love these! Beautiful.

Leigh said...

Mostly I just admire your miniatures, but the quilts I had to comment on! Quilting was my first textile love and these are awesome.