Sunday, March 29, 2009

My First Dollhouse, Pt. 3: Food and Other Accesories

My mother wasn't a "crafty" person. She was and is a damn fine dressmaker and an excellent pattern-maker. Her embroidery puts most people's to shame. She never learned about clays beyond what is used to make pottery. The newest, most impressive art supplies never caught her attention.

She does hear all about them from me now, but back then all I had to work with was Playdough. The hardest part about that was waiting for it to dry. And remember, in the 80's you didn't find Playdough in any color but blue, yellow, the pinkish red, and white.

I still love the candle, complete with flame. How else would they see if the candle had no flame? The roses on the cakes and the green cup aren't bad either. And my potatoes now are made much the same way...just with polymer clay in different colors and some chalk.

I loved to read. I thought all kids loved to read. So I made books with construction paper covers and staples for binding.
Books with pages that turned and had stuff in them.
I think this one was supposed to be a "My First Colors" book or something. There are many other books in the little house, but this one was the easiest to get to.

It seemed only natural that a set of twins would have bunk beds. Some pieces of balsa that I found somewhere, a few popsicle sticks, and some toothpicks became these beds. I even put the guard rail on the top bunk.

I was fascinated by different types of pillows. That came from the catalogs with bedding I think. Apparently I wanted to make the round neckroll pillows after I saw them. The fabric was scraps from my mother sewing new cushions for something.

I know there were more of these first minis at one point, but these are all that is left. Nineteen years later they still make me smile. And now I know about "earthquake glue." I'm sure you can guess how everything stays in place these days. ;-)


TreeFeathers said...

How else would they see if the candle had no flame?
You are too funny!

That little book of colors is just wonderful. Thank you for sharing these bit with us!

- Grace

MiniKat said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them, Grace. :-) It was so much fun finding these pieces intact and setting up the house again. So many memories and so many "what was I thinking here" questions in my mind.

Jean Day said...

They really made me smile, so lovely, great book, it must have been wonderful all the memories these first miniatures brought back. Thanks so much for sharing them.

Mags Cassidy said...

How lovely to have kept such cute things - love the little book of colours - it was fun to see them.

Debbie said...

How wonderful that you've kept everything. Bet it brings back some great memories..

MiniKat said...

Thank you, ladies. But let's credit my mother the packrat for not throwing them out.

"Do you want your toys?" -she says after a visit home post-move

"What toys?" - me perplexed

"The bunny house?"

"Wheeee!!" - me seeing the blue tub full of my toys

Sunny Sunflower Miniatures said...

Oh the sweet memories that your photographs bring to me! I remember making white rabbits out of cotton balls and magic marker dots for eyes and noses. Pack rat tendencies can be good! Thank you for sharing.

A. Wright said...

Oh my gosh, I remember having some of these bunnies. Thanks for the flashback!