Sunday, March 29, 2009

200th Post - My First Dollhouse Pt. 1

I noticed the other day the was close to 200 blog posts and I thought I would do something special to celebrate number 200.

Lots of people have asked me how I got started with miniatures or how long I have been playing with miniatures. The answer is I've always played with little things. Boxes became playgrounds for little dolls and furniture was made from whatever I could find.

The first "real dollhouse" was a San Franciscan that my father never finished putting together. And what he did get done is falling apart. If the kit hadn't been from my grandparents I would trash it. However I plan on turning it into a haunted house. This will allow me to save it and use every trick I've picked up along the way. Right now the pieces are in my MIL's basement.

The first dollhouse that I got to actually play with as a child came along right after dad stopped working on the San Fran. It's a plastic playhouse made for the Sylvanian Families toys.

According to my mother I was about nine or ten when this came along and I started playing. I made all of the furniture except for the big table and long bench. The little babies came with their cradles and bottles. The accessories were either found items or bits that I made.

The rabbit family in the house was played with often and predate the house itself.

I have more pictures of several items in there that I will be putting up in the next two posts. This breaks things up a bit more evenly and won't take forever to load. ;-)


TreeFeathers said...

That's awesome that you still have your childhood dollhouse! You obviously put a lot of work and imagination into it. I remember those Sylvain critters, I loved them!

Congratulations on your 200th post! :D

- Grace

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on you 200th post. Wow. It doesn' take long does it. How wonderful that you have some of your childhood toys! It is great that your mother was a packrat and they remained in good shape all these years. It must have been like Christmas as you went through all the toys and relived the memories associated with them.

Katie's Clay Corner said...

I had this house, too.....and I could kick myself in the butt for getting rid of it. I was smart enough to save all my 'Maple Town' and 'Sylvain' families though~ You know they still see there's , Their just called Calico Critters now??....I have over a hundred stashed away!! Now that I'm a big girl, :), they're starting to come back out to play again......hehe

Congrats on your 200th post....And here's to many more!

MiniKat said...

Thank you, ladies!

Yes it was a bit like Yule going through the big blue tub. It was great!

I still have all of my other Sylvanian families as well. And a few years ago I did discover the Calico Critter version of the toys and picked up a few sets. They inhabit my craft room.

Ana Anselmo said...

they are so cute, and you have a lot!!! I just bought on ebay my (first LOL) Sylvanian family, but they didn´t arrive yet :(.
Congratulations for your 200 th post
hugs from Portugal