Monday, February 13, 2012

Musical Roses: The Last of January's Work

Here's the last picture from the previous update:

Now for the next four days worth:
My goal here was to create spaces that could be filled in while riding in a car or while something interesting was on PBS.  In the last picture there are five such spaces.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Day 3 of the Chaos

This is what the workroom looked like before I went to bed Thursday night/Friday morning:
The laundry basket is full of "stuff" from the sewing table when it was upstairs.  I moved the miniature books to the light-colored bookcase and the fiber and textile books are in the darker bookcase.  It's difficult to tell, but the big table in the back has less junk on it.  There's still quite a bit to sift through though.

Patterns come down next and get filed.  I stacked both small filing cabinets in order to save some room.  Then I get to sort through the table and random boxes filled with things from the old dresser that used to occupy the back wall.  Oh and reclaim my laundry basket.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Back to Musical Roses Again

The last time I showed progress, I was here:

Here's the stitching for the three days after:
I wasn't able to really sit and work, so the progress is very slow.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Treat Break!

For the Guild meeting on Tuesday I made these luscious things.

Sorry about the flash. 

Anyways, these are my first attempt at Bakerella's cake balls.  If you'd like to see the recipe and instructions, follow this link.  The only change I made was to placate the choco-holics in the Guild.  Instead of cream cheese frosting, I used chocolate.  Once they were set I dipped them in both milk and dark chocolate.  Then I drizzled white chocolate and little heart sprinkles everywhere.

Controlled Chaos

Of a fashion anyway.

Certain circumstances (of a personal nature) have dictated that I should recombine my sewing room with the miniature room again. 

On the upside:
* this is a much larger space than what I had to work with in the old house
* I won't feel cut off from FH in the evenings when he's home and I need to sew
* I won't need to use the dining room table for layouts and cutting anymore, allowing that room to stay de-cluttered easier
* no more pausing the movie and running upstairs to fetch something I've forgotten for a stitching project

The downside:
 I have to completely clean AND reorganize everything, including the storage room in order to pull this off.

Day 1 of reorganizing:

Day 2 of the same:
The sewing table, a small bookshelf, and the sewing machines are the only remaining "large" items that still need to move down here.  Books, supplies, tubs of fabric and yarn, patterns, etc still need to come down as well.  I'm attempting to work on what's down here first, at least until I need that little bookshelf to put things on it.  I'm also taking the time to cruise through chunks of stash and get rid of things I really will never use or have no interest in keeping.

It will probably be sometime next week before the space is usable for anything.  Then I get to rearrange the storage room and put up shelves so I can get to the tubs of fabric and yarn, and really just about anything in there, without drowning in boxes.