Sunday, March 8, 2009

FH's Play Days, Rendezvous Stuff

FH came home after the second day of this month's hunter safety education class. Everyone passed again, which is good. It's scary how simple the test for the course really is. Common sense can do alot to carry you through it.

The rain poured down today so he didn't have a chance for some archery practice today. I doubt the wind would have allowed for it anyway. His next respite from work comes in two weeks. The primitive bow meet will be out at Dixon Mounds again. Then the next hunter safety class is the first weekend of April.

The Long Rifle meeting today went well. FH brought home more dates for Camp set up. I have to get some patterns pieces together for our new clothes. I'm modeling FH's clothing after Col. Brandon in the BBC's new Sense and Sensibility. His boots will have to be tall mocs until we can set aside the money for period calvalry boots. I still only have a vague idea of what I will be wearing, but his clothes will take longer. Double-breasted waistcoat with hand sewn buttonholes. I must love him. Ugh.

We still have quite a bit of equipment to gather before we can do much in the way of camping with the group. One of FH's friends is arranging for us to borrow a wigwam large enough to hold a full size bed and a wood burning stove. In theory my back might tolerate the set up. The boys are looking into period approprite canes for me. Isn't that crazy? I'm not even 30 yet and I may need a cane. Ugh. We'll know more after the MRI.

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Leigh said...

This is interesting. My DH is a Civil War buff and once (a looooooooong time ago) we looked into joining a reenactment group. We never followed through but always liked the idea of such a possibility.