Saturday, March 14, 2009


FH and I spent today outside. He cleaned up his vegetable garden and I painted and stained picture frames. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. A shining sun, soft breezes, mild temperatures. We were even able to open the patio door and let the kitties sniff the outside through the screen.

After he finished playing in the dirt he worked on his bow and a bull roarer. An impromptu lesson in wood carving was given to a neighbor's son who was very interested in the entire process. FH taught him another lesson, which he didn't pay attention to until it was reinfroced with the need for a bandage: do not carve towards yourself.

While FH taught the son, the mother and I went to Hobby Lobby for some craft supplies. I picked up some things for my Pay It Forward gift and looked at the fabric to try and find something that would work for Poe's chair. Needless to say the selection wasn't the greatest.

Dinner was at the Texas Roadhouse tonight. Best steaks we have eaten in a while. Very much worth the wait.

Tomorrow I will finish the stained frame and get Poe covered with leather. Beyond that I think I will either ask FH to get the cafe' down from it's shelf or work on the quarter scale pueblo if he is busy. Not sure what his plans for tomorrow are.

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