Thursday, March 12, 2009

Poe, part 4

Well I managed to get the ceiling in place. FH suggested last night that I make it look like burning candles let soot stains on the ceiling, so that's what those strangw grey blobs in the back are. I need to get some crown molding and put it up. It just doesn't meet the wall well. The baseboards are in on the two sides where I needed them. Now I get to build the suggestion of the door to go on the right side.
Since the fiddly work on the interior is over I went ahead and glued the fabric hinge onto the front cover and the spine of the book. Once the glue dries I can see about cutting the leather to cover the book and hopefully have it look more "book-like" and less like a box.

FH has about gotten me convinced to abandon the idea of any kind of carpet for the floor. He's appealing to my inner laziness on the issue.

I am searching for purple silk that is the correct color to use as the curtain on the left side. I thought I had a piece that would work, but I was mistaken. I do have a piece of deep red velvet that would serve to cover the wingback chair. But I think I would rather have deep purple or better yet black.

FH found me a lovely portrait of a young woman in a cataloge that might become my "Lenore." We also found some inexpensive wall sconces for the candles.


The Carolina Quilter said...

Your Poe room is coming along quite nicely! What a great size for a vignette.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

rosanna said...

Good evening! I've given you an award. Please come and pick it up.