Saturday, March 28, 2009

Glee! Plus Some Annoyance

My labels from Deadspider arrived today! *happy dance* Now to figure out which ones get to go on which jars and how to make things... They are destined for "Ezzie's Potion Kitchen."

Also here, and the source of annoyance is my Greenleaf. The post-person left it on the door step in the wind and rain, not bothering to knock or ring the bell before they ran off. So much for "delivery conformation." FH was up and about all morning, but he did not hear the truck go by.

So when I went out for the mail, there it was... on it's side in the pouring rain. Not even under the canopy above the door. The wind had blown it over. We immediately ripped open the packaging and determined that despite the soaked state of the box the pieces were realitively dry and unharmed. I'm letting them air out right now. I will probably start playing with it tomorrow.

Still no white sand. Probably will get here Monday.

Back in a few to show off today's project!


Sunny Sunflower Miniatures said...

A-ha! So you're one of the culprits behind the "sold out" labels from Dead Spider when I visited the site!

Jeers to incompetent delivery folks. I'd suggest putting the pieces between paper towels and then placing heavy books on top to prevent warping. Greenleaf's standard 1/8" pieces are quite thin.

MiniKat said...

Thanks, Mary! If you email Angie (Dead Spider) she will let you know when she puts a new set of labels on Etsy. That's how I got mine.

Jean Day said...

So sorry about the condition of your Greenleaf kit, your labels sound interesting, look forward to photos.

Alice said...

Which Greenleaf kit did you order? Or did you post about it and I forgot? Is it dry yet?

MiniKat said...

It's the Greenleaf Spring Fling Bungalow, to be named by the winner of the contest.

Anonymous said...

Cute mini labels on jars, Thanks for sharing the 'Deadspider' site