Sunday, November 19, 2017

A Post With Text?!?

My crazy busy season is now complete. The fall burlesque show was last night and went very well. The bras held up (pun totally intended) beautifully during the ladies' dance number. The picture isn't the greatest, but cameras are not allowed backstage for obvious reasons. The Fuzzy Husband was working security for the show and was all the way in the back of the theater when he took this. There will eventually be better photos posted on Lock and Key Burlesque's Facebook page.

And today was the final day for our local Festival of Trees, which is a charity auction that benefits our local crisis nursery. This is the event that I helped out with a dollhouse for the past two years. Then I was asked to join the design committee for trees, which was amazing. I met and worked with some lovely ladies and I cannot wait for our next season of work to start!

Here's a few of the 47 trees that I helped design and create. The 8 wreathes, and "I lost count of" centerpieces were mainly worked on when I wasn't int he shop, so I don't have pictures of my own of them. We started work in late June and finished the last and largest tree last Monday.

I'm kicking myself for not being at the shop when we finished the tree these handmade ornaments went on. One of our committee made the prototypes and three of us made three sets (only 2 sets pictured) of these lovely card ornaments. They're high resolution scans of vintage Christmas cards that we layered with glittered cardstock. Was so much fun! Cookies and wine might have been involved as well.

Sadly, the economy here has been affected by a certain major employer moving jobs out of the area, so some of the larger trees did not sell. But this was the best looking Festival in the nine years that it's been held, so hopefully we will figure out the sweet spot with our new economic normal. Plus we're getting the word out to the public that the event even exists, so ticket sales to come in and view the trees will go up more and more.

Finally I started work on a new dress for myself. It just needs a hem at this point, but it has pockets!!!

An this is what happened when I was marking the dart for this bodice section. *cough* I didn't plan it, but the comedic effect was too fun not to share! ;-)

Now all I have left is to finish my dress, make the bolero that coordinates with it, make a waistcoat for a commission, and play with whatever strikes my fancy until the end of the year.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Just Burly Things...

... as in burlesque. ;-)

Sunday, November 5, 2017

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Sunday, October 8, 2017

How'd It Get to Be Sunday Again?

I must've blinked.

Anyways I've been playing with someone a lot. One of the rare moments she's not in motion.

I finally got to make some practice molds for the mini club workshop last Thursday. I was going to be teaching everyone how easy it is to use 2-part silicone mold kits, so I needed to play with the material first.

Those two little white smudges on the quarter are actually mini piles of rice. Those took a while to make and I'd been waiting to do so when I had molding compound handy. Now I won't have to make them again unless I loose the molds!

We had part of our sewer line back up last week. It happened when the washing machine drained, so that's been fun to clean up. No, not really. Thankfully the water didn't make it into either studio area or two where the computers are set up.

I've been working on the bras for the dancers too. They're coming along nicely. Just need to do fittings and tweak everything before I cut the real fabric. I really should get pictures of the muslins, but I keep forgetting to. Besides, kitten pictures are more fun.

Gotta get back to work. See you next weekend!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

More Distractions

Mostly of the wee feline persuasion. Purr-suasion perhaps? Anyways, Ellie Bean is putting on a healthy amount of weight. I've been trying to convince FuzzyHusband to let her stay, but that's still up in the air. She does have a place on the waiting list for the no-kill shelter, but I'd rather her stay here. She's a love, most of the time, when she's not being an ornery kitten.

Also she and Mercedes adore each other. Can you see Ellie's foot trying to reach Mercedes from the other side of the door? She knew Mercy was in the hallway.

I had yet another birthday this past week. Funny how those things keep coming around. Himself brought me flowers when he got off work early and we went to see the second Kingsman movie. Loved it!

I did make myself a birthday cake, but didn't get a picture of it. I used the Wilton butter cake recipe on their website, but I made a chocolate cream cheese icing.

I'm working on some pattern alteration at the moment. It's nothing major, just adjusting a bra pattern for a couple of the burlesque dancers. Once I get the mock-ups sewn up, I'll start with photos. I still need to get pictures of the new designated sewing area downstairs.

That's all for now. I"m hoping to be done with the mock ups this week and get the real bras sewn in short order. I've also got to prep some stuff for miniature club this coming week. We'll see how that goes.

See you next weekend!

Sunday, September 24, 2017


FuzzyHusband and I were headed out for our usual Wednesday evening pub visit and stopped at Walgreens to get him his flu shot. Our plans were changed when this wee thing was seen running through the busy parking lot.

According to our vet, she's between 4 and 5 months old. Her adult teeth are coming in and she actually lost some baby teeth this evening. She's a bit on the small side, but we don't know how long she was in that "island" of land in a triangle made by three 4-lane streets. Also she's not microchipped, which is a bummer. The vet and I weren't sure if she was dumped or somehow got lucky dodging cars after accidentally getting out of her home. She's in great health overall and too clean to have been outside for long.

I've been checking the area we found her in for "lost" posters, posted on Facebook and other social media, and called the county's animal control to see if anyone's reported her missing. So far I've gotten nowhere. FH also left our contact info at the pharmacy in case her family went looking for her. I'll try again next week a couple more times. If someone's missing her, I want to reunite them.

FH hath decreed she may not stay permanently, but we're fostering her until the legal stray hold time is up and our local no-kill shelter has an open spot. Happily her FIV/leukemia test came back negative and she didn't have fleas that we could find. Once she gets to TAPS, they will get her all her shots and get her spayed.

I kind of wish we were keeping her because, well...

Mercedes will be so very sad when Ellie Bean is gone. *sigh* Pixel will be glad when the "interloper" is gone. Artie would eventually be friends with her if she wasn't quarantined while the deworming kicks in..

In other news we were able to rent a pickup truck yesterday and haul away the dead couch and a bunch of detritus from the garage. Our neighborhood rents a big dumpster twice a year, so everything that could legally be tossed in that needed gone was taken. So much more room in the house!

Per FH's idea, we've set up a large table where the couch used to be and have created a sewing area for me. The recliner is still down there for him to sit in and my desk chair is quite comfortable, so we can still watch the occasional movie together, but now the dining room can be fabric free.

Artie seems to believe the new bedding I set up for Mercedes is his.

I found him in there last night when I went down to feed Victor. Goofy cat.

That's all for this week. There will likely be more kitten pictures next weekend. I'm not sure how long Ellie Bean will be with us, but she's too cute not to photograph!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

We Won!

The carpet is saved! The gallon of enzyme carpet cleaner that I poured all over the problem area really made the difference.

Also we (at the Festival shop) finally got to the box containing the little Christmas tree I designed a couple months ago. So it's done, along with 32 other 2.5 ft- 3 ft trees and 4.5 ft trees. We're going to be working on a 7.5 footer today, once I make this post and drive over there.

Not much else exciting is happening. I'm still waiting on bra supplies from Canada to arrive. FuzzyHusband is off on a business trip, so I get to make my own schedule for the most part. Artie has a definite opinion about his daddy being gone.

Not sure what I"ll get into this week. There's always cleaning and laundry to do, but I'd like to finish my wall quilt and get my great-nephew's quilt pieced before I have to start on bras in earnest. We shall see.

Take care!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Almost Missed It!

This last week has been insanely busy. His Fuzziness and I spent all day yesterday moving furniture, vacuuming, and shampooing the carpet downstairs. The hope is that we won't have to give up and rip it all out to escape the odors left by two naughty girls. Yes. Those naughty girls. *sigh*

To be fair, Mercedes was likely never properly house trained and we've just been incredibly lucky up until recently. And she checks out ok at the vet, so it's not a urinary issue. So we're handling the behavior side of things and trying to salvage the carpet. Pixel on the other hand decided to start marking when we brought Mercedes home. It was her protest then. Things are better now, but spot cleaning just wasn't getting the results we needed.

Best case, we won and can stand to be in the tv/computer area of the house again. Worst case means we won't be gagging and coughing when we rip it all out.

Other than that, I'v been getting things prepped to start sewing some bras for two of out local burlesque dancers. Also for myself as I'm tired of having to order from overseas to get bras that fit.

The decorating committee for Festival of Trees has been back in the shop this week.  I forgot to get photos though. Whoops. But lots of new things are ready for the auction!

Oh! I almost forgot about the newest mini! I can't show a photo because privacy, but my niece had her first baby on Thursday! He's gorgeous! Now that he's here and safe, I'll be starting his quilt soon. Probably while I wait on bra making supplies to arrive from Canada.

And with that, I"m off to enjoy an extremely late steak dinner with FuzzyHusband. See you next weekend!