Sunday, October 16, 2016


My trip around JoAnn's when I bought the cool Dr. Who fabric resulted in me coming down with some sort of nasty cold or flu virus. I've been fighting it for about nine days now. Low grade fevers that won't bugger off and lots of fatigue.

Mercedes is bored with my level of inactivity and keeps trying to coax me into the yard to romp with her. Poor pup. After all this time, I can't blame her. I want to play too!

Happily I'm only 0.3 degrees above normal now... closer than I've been since two Thursdays ago. Here's hoping I can get back to fun soon!

A friend gave me stacks and stack of old American Miniaturist magazines, so I've passed the awake hours perusing them.

I'm going to get back to the fluids and rest now. See you next week!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Some Little Things

Wandering around JoAnn Fabrics last week resulted in a pattern and fabric catching my eye.

Artie "helped" of course.

I still need to clean up some threads and topstitch around the zipper.

I followed the pattern exactly and didn't like a couple of things. I'm going to make another one with some changes and see how it works out.

Saturday was our mini club's workshop day. Instead of doing the N.A.M.E. project like we usually do, we all worked on things for our hat shop.

The straw hats were actually make by Kat the Hat Lady years ago. I bought a handful of them undecorated. The purple hat is one I started as an example when I taught everyone that style of hat. I spent a good portion of my time teaching everyone (one on one) how to make silk ribbon roses. 

That's all for now. Time to find a bite to eat and ponder what to do for the rest of the day.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Respite for Mourning

A friend of ours unexpectedly passed away last week. FuzzyHusband and I have taken this weekend and gone away for a bit.

See you next week.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The difference a year makes

We've had Mercedes for a year and a day now; I'd say she's come a long way!

FuzzyHusband and I took her out yesterday to celebrate. She got a new collar, new toys, a long walk, and ice cream!

That's all for now. We've got more work that needs doing. Nothing fun.. but necessary things can sometimes be boring. See you next time!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lazy Sunday

 FH and I went to an orchard today.

We brought a cookie back for Mercedes.

And the wallpaper for the dining room side of the current roombox showed up during the week.

I'm still kind of sick, but slowly getting better. But this is all for this week. Hopefully I'll feel more human in this coming week. See you next time!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Note from Mercedes

Hi! Hi! I'm Mercy and I love you!

Mom is sick right now and I am helping!

There will be more things that are "no no bad kitty don't eat that" soon!

I also heard Mom say the pretty paper I'm not supposed to step on will be here soon.

I need to go and be helpful now! I like helping!

Play lots! Nap some! Then play some more!

I love you!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wallpaper and Cabinetry

Firstly, I did manage to get the wall straightened. It took the better part of an hour to remove 7 staples and get the orientation fixed. Many words not fit for polite company were said. I'm glad I didn't stream that!

The wallpaper went on pretty easily. It was fiddly getting the border sections to line up, but not heart-wrenchingly so. The left hand corner lined up better than the right hand corner. 

The strategic placement of a hanging plant will help hide the misaligned border in the corner and I will happily move along.

I need to order some 7/16" crown molding to hide the exposed wood around the top. I should have plenty of baseboard, but I need to check my supply.

I did start in on the pile of kits this week. Currently this is as far as I've gotten.

I need to sand everything before I get further along with some of the larger pieces. Also the dishwasher front needs to be painted before it's glued down. I'm kit-bashing one of the 3" base cabinet kits to create a more modern sink. FuzzyHusband has designed a sink in a 3D modeling program that we can print out and it will fit the kit dimensions. The sink will set between the cabinet with 4 drawer and the dishwasher.

To have the layout I want, I need three 2 inch upper cabinets and two 2 inch base cabinets, I'm on the look out for more of these kits, or something like them. 

The dining room side is on hold until the coordinating wallpaper arrives. I do have most of the furniture for the room already: table, four chairs, and a side board. I'm hoping to find a China cabinet that will match the existing furniture's finish.

So that's all for this week. Hopefully I'll find some additional kits and the other wallpaper will get here soon. Otherwise I'll have to get as much done with this project as I can and then switch to a different one for a bit.

I hope everyone has a great week! See you next time!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Inspiration, Crooked Walls, and Kit Chaos

A few weeks ago, I commissioned several tiny copper baking molds from my jeweler friend, Tony. In addition to making awesome stitch markers, he uses a copper-smithing technique called chase and repousse to shape copper sheets into fun designs. I'd watched him make a few things and asked how small he could work. Happily, he'd been quietly interested in miniatures for a while. You can see where this could get both of us into all kinds of fun trouble!

Originally I wanted 6 little copper molds in different shapes. If these were life-sized they'd be called mini molds and be the right size for the individual cakes that have become en vogue in the last few years. Small also means i get more variety. We weren't sure what shapes would work and which would fail utterly. So Tony sketched up several. Most of them worked! The apple did become an acorn, but I'm cool with that.

I'm really happy with these pans. They're his first attempts at working so small with that technique. We both figured out changes he can make for more improvement in the future. But I love them! :-)  Oh and check out the copper scimitar that he made too! I may have to create a doll to wield it.

In the original batch of molds, Tony tried out a tiny pan. It's small and would either work in a 1:24 scale scene or be the size of my real-life, smallest skillet scaled down to 1:12. He asked if I wanted him to try larger pans and bowls. Of course I said yes! He even made the absolute best miniature colander I've seen that is affordable by mere mortals such as myself!

All of these kitchen minis reminded me that I had a roombox that I'd planned on dividing into a kitchen and dining room. I'd inherited it from a friend in mini club and it needed some overhauling.

I removed the cat, wallpaper, and trims. There was a debacle with the original wall section I'd cut out. It got lost. I found the leftover wood from cutting the first wall and decided I could use it. Of course I found the original wall section the day I was trimming up the second piece to fit. I decided to keep going with the new section. The old section needed more work done to it.

And then I installed the wall in the middle of the box. That was Tuesday. Today as I was prepping to take pictures and then wallpaper, I discovered the wall was crooked! So when I'm done here, I get to remove staples and make adjustments.

Incidentally, this is the wallpaper for the kitchen. I ordered it a while back for the Big Dollhouse that has once again had it's interior plan altered. I've ordered coordinated paper for the dining room and hopefully it will arrive next week sometime.

And now the the "chaos" I mentioned. This is a pile of kits from Shenandoah Designs. As you can see, some of the kits were already in various states of assembly. Some of them are actually missing parts, which is aggravating. But for a pile of kits that I was gifted, I'm not going to complain too loudly. 

FuuzyHusband has recently taken up 3D modeling objects to either be lasercut or 3D printed. He's designed a modern sink basin that will fit the standard base cabinet kit in this pile so I can kitbash a nice looking sink for my scene. It also fixes the issue of some of the missing parts. Some. Not all. The refrigerator is the other partially assembled unit that is missing pieces. I will have to make a few replacement parts. 

I've already pulled quite a few things from my stash for the dining room. Lots of food items as well. I'll show them off next weekend, if I remember. For now I'm going to go pry out some staples and hopefully get the kitchen wallpapered before it gets too dark.

See you next weekend!

Sunday, August 21, 2016


I needed to take some time this week for self-care, so I don't have any project pictures to show off.

What I ended up doing creatively was figuring out the dolls that I will need for my Haunted San Franciscan house. It's a house party, so lots of them.

This is the list so far:

- Headless Horseman (1)
- Werewolves (2 adults, one pup)
- Mummies (1 adult, 1 kid)
- Frankensteins (1 adult, 1 kid)
- Invisible Man... don't know how this one will turn out, but I'm going to try it
- Vampires (2 adults, 1 kid)
- Witches/Warlocks (3)
- Ghosts (1 adult, 1 child) [I already have one ghost, made by Jodi Creager]
- Phantom of the Opera
- some type of creature to be the nanny in the room with the kids

Then I played around with figuring out some other dolls that I know I want/need for other projects.

- Esmeralda, the witch that Hibiscus helps out
- the man who breeds ball pythons, for my ball python breeding set up
- a couple of anthropomorphic characters to practice those types of figures

None of these dolls are on a specific timeline. I'll likely make one here and there. Heck, the San Franciscan house isn't even built yet! Neither is Ezzie's house. Which brings me to the next list...

Projects that are waiting for me to have access to a laser cutter: (Note: the MakerSpace is in the process of getting the laser cutter operational. So: soooooon!)

- 1930's nursery scene: windows
- Patchwork Peach Quilt Shop: shelving
- Bertie's (the "naughty" doll I inherited) box: plexi-glass shelves
- New windows and doors for the San Franciscian
there were two more ideas for other projects, but I couldn't (and still can't) remember them

Projects that require me to repair something that didn't work right, or Artan broke, so I can finish them:

- FuzzyHubby's hunting cabin: front wall of cabin is warped
- second Attic Lamp needs re-wiring
- Trading post needs the bed repaired and a smaller mattress made
- completely repair my Independence Day room and cut thin plexi-glass for the front... thanks Artan

I'm not even going to list the projects in various states of progress right now. It would be disheartening.

But these lists will hopefully give me a bit of focus.

What I want to work on in the next few weeks:

- getting some work done in my dining room/kitchen box
- dressing Hibiscus
- a couple ball pythons

Wish me luck and I'll see you next weekend!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Blackwork and Bodypaint

I'm irritated because I'm missing things. Specifically the inner wall for the roombox that will become my kitchen and dining room scene, and the brown cotton leftover from a sewing project that I want to use for Hibiscus' skirt. Spent all week looking for both in between doing chores and whatnot. I shall be miffed if I have to re-cut the inner wall.

Speaking of Hibiscus, I added some painted details to her skin. I also painted her shoes.

I'm hoping to get her dressed this week, but if I can't find the skirt fabric I'm going ot have to change gears with her clothes.

I did find the severely neglected Aragon Blackwork project while searching for things. When I last worked on it, almost 3 years ago, it looked like this:

Today it looks like this:

The red thread above the design is me gridding out where the blackwork border belongs. 

So that's the extent of the creativity on my part this week. Except for planning, which is boring without drawings. ;-)

I'll leave you with pictures of post-bath Mercedes as I try and get pictures of the feather in her fur. She was uncooperative.

See you next weeekend!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Markers and Minis

Last week was slightly more productive than the week prior. I'm sick right now, thanks to the virus that hid behind a mask of sinus issues that FuzzyHusband suffered with last week. Hence the "slightly" in my previous statement. So whilst I consume fluids and rest, lets got to the fun stuff.

In fun, awesome, and shiney news, I'm now the proud owner of these fantabulous and gorgeous universal stitch markers!!

The loops are 5 and 7 mm for two different sizes of knitting needles and the S-hooks work for marking crochet! The artist who makes them will also do custom work, so you can get the knitting loops in various sizes!

I bought these ready-made because I liked the beads, but he will use any bead colors people want and tailor the sizes to what you need! How cool is that!?!

I'd wondered about the length being fiddly to work around, but it's not an issue. Because they're weighted thanks to the materials, they dangle out of the way nicely. Plus many of my crocheter and knitter streaming friends HIGHLY recommended these markers to me, so I bit the proverbial bullet and ordered a set. SO GLAD I DID!!!

So if you find yourself in the market for a pretty treat and want to try them out yourself, poke this link and you'll be taken to his Etsy shop. I will definitely be ordering more of these, with different sized knitting loops.

On the miniatures front, I pulled out a doll that I started sculpting at a miniature club meeting 2 years ago. Poor thing had a very basic face and the only sculpting tool I had on hand was a bamboo manicure tool. Armed with my regular tools and a better knowledge of making faces, I got her finished!

Hibiscus is a Brownie, the fairy kind that helps people with their housework in exchange for respect and gifts. Most Brownies like either milk or even whisky, but not Hibiscus! She's a needlewoman and loves linen and silk threads.

Hibiscus is the housekeeper for Esmeralda, my witch (who still needs to be sculpted) that has a hat addiction. Hopefully I will get caught up on some projects so I can build Ezzie's house and start furnishing it. Until then, Hibiscus will have to hang out in the studio with me.

I'll get her painted and dressed hopefully this coming week. Dressing her will be a challenge since I want to embroider some details on her clothes. We'll see how it goes. I'm going to take my time and enjoy it.

See you all next week!

Sunday, July 31, 2016


This past week had the potential to become extremely stressful in our corner of the world. In order to take care of myself mentally, I took the week off from streaming, despite missing the company, and focuses my energies around the house and on spending time with our little family.

Someone was very happy for the extra cuddle time!

I did do some more research into ball python hatchlings so I've got a better idea of how to try and make 1:12 scale hatching eggs. The metaphorical wheels are also spinning about a roombox to display my mini pythons in.

With that, I'm back to streaming on schedule, excluding during thunderstorms, on Monday. I have no idea what I'm going to work on though. I'd better get that figured out and finish up some housework today!

See you next weekend!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Back Home

It's hot and miserable here. Plus FuzzyHusband and I just got home from visiting family, so I'm just going to leave you with this ball python sketch I did last week. Now to find somewhere to cool off...

See you next weekend!

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Last of the First Round

I am finally caught up with painting all the miniature adult ball pythons!

First up is the Axanthic Leopard Pastel Spider - Snake Keeper Line. Photo of the morph can be found here. The body was one of the last I sculpted, so his proportions are good. Plus he's in a more "ball" pose, typical of these snakes. His markings were fun to do, even if his pose made some of the painting difficult.

Then I started trying to paint stripes. It's hard enough painting stripes, but when you try and paint stripes onto a sinuous body... I must be mad.

The Gabija was my first try.  It's a gorgeous morph and caught my attention with the stripe down it's back. I'd never seen stripes going that direction on a snake before. Looking back on it now, I went way too fast. Stripes require at least 3-4 hours of time commitment to paint.

Then I tried my hand, and patience, with the Caramel Albino Genetic Stripe. Another pretty snake that has many stripes. I spent more time on this one, but not enough. It's an improvement over the Gabi though.

And finally, the Banana Super Stripe. I gave my viewers on stream a choice between this morph and another Banana morph with stripes. This one won with a vote of 2 to 1. I'm planning on doing the other one in the near future. (Please pardon the dratted cat hair that I missed on the cloth!)

Now that all 10 adult/subadult bodies are painted, I will be making a few more adult bodies but I'll be doing them one at a time. I want to change a few things based on what I learned making the first tries. And I'd like to keep better track of when each one is sculpted. It will make it easier to see improvement over time.

I still have my hatchling experiment to finish up as well. Only one clutch is painted, but won't be completed until I make the egg shell sections. I'll likely focus on the hatchlings this coming week. Hopefully I can show off a successful experiment next weekend. Take care until then!

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Moar Sneks!

Or More Snakes for those who don't speak "internet."

Between the holiday and Thursday being mini club day, it was a short streaming week. But I did get four more mini ball python morphs painted.

A little background on python morphs. There are many genes that will breed true and they have names like: Axanthic, Bee, Lesser, Mojave, Disco, Enchi, Ghost, Gravel, Albino... the list really goes on and on. So when you see a morph called Banana Pied Disco, you know that the snake carries genes to be yellow (Banana), piebald, (Pied), and have some interesting patterns and shading (Disco).  There's more to it than that, but that's the basics. If anyone feels like diving into the rabbit hole that is ball python morphs, I suggest this page as an awesome starting point.

First up is "Angry Pretzel Snake." That's his name, not his morph. We (chat and myself) decided the snake in the reference image didn't look happy to be photographed, so the mini was thusly named. The morph is called Ultra Pied.

I'm happier with the paint job than the sculpting I did on his face. He looks like he's smiling. Snakes don't smile. They're the kings and queens of poker face. Ah well. He was one of my earlier sculpts, so I'm not going to complain too much. That's what practice pieces are for.

Then I tried my hand at the Orange Ghost Mojave. I used one of my nesting females for this one.

Again, she's one of my first sculpting attempts, so she's not perfect. By why waste the chance at painting practice? I do like how most of her colors turned out. I think the purples needed to be grayed out more.

Next up was the Albino Black Bee. This snake was the last one I sculpted and it shows. He's much better proportioned than the others.

I'm extremely happy about the way his markings turned out as well. I think he's my best overall at this point.

Finally I painted my other nesting female as an Anxanthic Fire Bee - Snake Keeper Line.

I'm happy with her paint job. There are some changes I'd make if the clay was still raw, but other than that, she's good. Incidentally, this is one of my favorite morphs. Such elegant looking animals!

That's all for now. I need to go attend to things in the real world for a bit. See you all next week!