Sunday, December 4, 2016

FuzzyHusband and I went tree hunting on Saturday. Came home with this lovely one. 

It's snowing currently and we're getting ready to go to a high school choir concert. Hopefully we'll get to decorate later tonight.

I need to go take Mercedes out to play in the snow now. She's giving me the most pathetic looks ever.

See you next weekend!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you next weekend!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Festival Dollhouse 2016

Unlike last year, I did not do the majority of the work on the dollhouse. This time it was a group effort with other members of our miniature club. It was also lots more fun getting to play with everyone instead of working on my own.

So without further adieu...



And closeups of the Christmas decorations:

Not certain there will be a house for next year's auction. It's up to the executive board, but we've already started roughing out plans just in case.

That's all for now. I need to get back to work. We had to have two trees cut down and a friend is coming to pick up wood tomorrow. Lots of sawing and bundling to do. See you after Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 13, 2016


I'm up to my elbows in real plumbing for the last few days. There's still some painting to finish on the charity auction dollhouse, which hopefully will be done tonight or tomorrow. Until then, here's the "before" and "after" pictures of the bed that was donated by another member of miniature club.



I need to get back to work. See you next weekend!

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Life Happens

So sometimes being creative get put on the back burner. Last week was one of those weeks. Lots of errands and shopping for home improvement projects.

I did alter a pattern for some new pajama pants, but that's not exceedingly interesting. I'm hoping to sew with said pattern this afternoon, if the real world allows me to.

So until next time, here's a picture of Artie trying to convince me to put down my book and throw his paper ball for him.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Quilted Case

I played with the zipper case pattern again. I used the fabric I'd quilted as practice last week. It was handy; literally a foot away from the sewing machine when I decided to play.

This time I changed a couple of things by completely ignoring the instructions for the fabrics and only used the assembly instructions. The result is a sturdy bag with quilted sides and a "loose" lining. You know, like purses have.

I'm much happier with this version in terms of the visual and textural look and feel. I still love how the case goes together, so I'll be making more of these in the future.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Late But Here!

Fuzzy Husband and I just got home from a quick trip south. We went to St. Louis to meet up with many other Twitch live streamers and community members and had a wonderful time!

So backing up a bit, last Monday I was pondering working on a new dress for myself. However I decided that it was time to finally look into upgrading my sewing machine. I've used the same one for 27 years and quite frankly, it makes sewing more work than play.

I went and looked at some options, got information, and came home to negotiate with Himself. Tuesday I went back and came home with this:

I have to say that I'm in love with this machine. I can do so much more with attention to detail without spending extra time on a project.

It quilts like a dream. I quilted together some random fat quarters to test it out. I can also do free motion quilting, but I need lots of practice!

So I finally started my new dress on Wednesday night. I picked this Burda pattern.

It did need about 4 hours of alteration.

Artie just had to help, of course.

But the final result is perfect! Himself was suggesting I make pouty faces and other foolishness whilst taking photos. Silly man.

I got it finished at 3 am Saturday morning, so I was able to wear it to the Twitch meet up. Good to know I still have the skills, even though I had ignored them for a while!

That's all for this week. I will be doing some heavy cleaning this week. Making up for time lost while I was sick. I'm hoping to play a little bit this week though. See you next Sunday!

Sunday, October 16, 2016


My trip around JoAnn's when I bought the cool Dr. Who fabric resulted in me coming down with some sort of nasty cold or flu virus. I've been fighting it for about nine days now. Low grade fevers that won't bugger off and lots of fatigue.

Mercedes is bored with my level of inactivity and keeps trying to coax me into the yard to romp with her. Poor pup. After all this time, I can't blame her. I want to play too!

Happily I'm only 0.3 degrees above normal now... closer than I've been since two Thursdays ago. Here's hoping I can get back to fun soon!

A friend gave me stacks and stack of old American Miniaturist magazines, so I've passed the awake hours perusing them.

I'm going to get back to the fluids and rest now. See you next week!

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Some Little Things

Wandering around JoAnn Fabrics last week resulted in a pattern and fabric catching my eye.

Artie "helped" of course.

I still need to clean up some threads and topstitch around the zipper.

I followed the pattern exactly and didn't like a couple of things. I'm going to make another one with some changes and see how it works out.

Saturday was our mini club's workshop day. Instead of doing the N.A.M.E. project like we usually do, we all worked on things for our hat shop.

The straw hats were actually make by Kat the Hat Lady years ago. I bought a handful of them undecorated. The purple hat is one I started as an example when I taught everyone that style of hat. I spent a good portion of my time teaching everyone (one on one) how to make silk ribbon roses. 

That's all for now. Time to find a bite to eat and ponder what to do for the rest of the day.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Respite for Mourning

A friend of ours unexpectedly passed away last week. FuzzyHusband and I have taken this weekend and gone away for a bit.

See you next week.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

The difference a year makes

We've had Mercedes for a year and a day now; I'd say she's come a long way!

FuzzyHusband and I took her out yesterday to celebrate. She got a new collar, new toys, a long walk, and ice cream!

That's all for now. We've got more work that needs doing. Nothing fun.. but necessary things can sometimes be boring. See you next time!

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Lazy Sunday

 FH and I went to an orchard today.

We brought a cookie back for Mercedes.

And the wallpaper for the dining room side of the current roombox showed up during the week.

I'm still kind of sick, but slowly getting better. But this is all for this week. Hopefully I'll feel more human in this coming week. See you next time!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Note from Mercedes

Hi! Hi! I'm Mercy and I love you!

Mom is sick right now and I am helping!

There will be more things that are "no no bad kitty don't eat that" soon!

I also heard Mom say the pretty paper I'm not supposed to step on will be here soon.

I need to go and be helpful now! I like helping!

Play lots! Nap some! Then play some more!

I love you!

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Wallpaper and Cabinetry

Firstly, I did manage to get the wall straightened. It took the better part of an hour to remove 7 staples and get the orientation fixed. Many words not fit for polite company were said. I'm glad I didn't stream that!

The wallpaper went on pretty easily. It was fiddly getting the border sections to line up, but not heart-wrenchingly so. The left hand corner lined up better than the right hand corner. 

The strategic placement of a hanging plant will help hide the misaligned border in the corner and I will happily move along.

I need to order some 7/16" crown molding to hide the exposed wood around the top. I should have plenty of baseboard, but I need to check my supply.

I did start in on the pile of kits this week. Currently this is as far as I've gotten.

I need to sand everything before I get further along with some of the larger pieces. Also the dishwasher front needs to be painted before it's glued down. I'm kit-bashing one of the 3" base cabinet kits to create a more modern sink. FuzzyHusband has designed a sink in a 3D modeling program that we can print out and it will fit the kit dimensions. The sink will set between the cabinet with 4 drawer and the dishwasher.

To have the layout I want, I need three 2 inch upper cabinets and two 2 inch base cabinets, I'm on the look out for more of these kits, or something like them. 

The dining room side is on hold until the coordinating wallpaper arrives. I do have most of the furniture for the room already: table, four chairs, and a side board. I'm hoping to find a China cabinet that will match the existing furniture's finish.

So that's all for this week. Hopefully I'll find some additional kits and the other wallpaper will get here soon. Otherwise I'll have to get as much done with this project as I can and then switch to a different one for a bit.

I hope everyone has a great week! See you next time!

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Inspiration, Crooked Walls, and Kit Chaos

A few weeks ago, I commissioned several tiny copper baking molds from my jeweler friend, Tony. In addition to making awesome stitch markers, he uses a copper-smithing technique called chase and repousse to shape copper sheets into fun designs. I'd watched him make a few things and asked how small he could work. Happily, he'd been quietly interested in miniatures for a while. You can see where this could get both of us into all kinds of fun trouble!

Originally I wanted 6 little copper molds in different shapes. If these were life-sized they'd be called mini molds and be the right size for the individual cakes that have become en vogue in the last few years. Small also means i get more variety. We weren't sure what shapes would work and which would fail utterly. So Tony sketched up several. Most of them worked! The apple did become an acorn, but I'm cool with that.

I'm really happy with these pans. They're his first attempts at working so small with that technique. We both figured out changes he can make for more improvement in the future. But I love them! :-)  Oh and check out the copper scimitar that he made too! I may have to create a doll to wield it.

In the original batch of molds, Tony tried out a tiny pan. It's small and would either work in a 1:24 scale scene or be the size of my real-life, smallest skillet scaled down to 1:12. He asked if I wanted him to try larger pans and bowls. Of course I said yes! He even made the absolute best miniature colander I've seen that is affordable by mere mortals such as myself!

All of these kitchen minis reminded me that I had a roombox that I'd planned on dividing into a kitchen and dining room. I'd inherited it from a friend in mini club and it needed some overhauling.

I removed the cat, wallpaper, and trims. There was a debacle with the original wall section I'd cut out. It got lost. I found the leftover wood from cutting the first wall and decided I could use it. Of course I found the original wall section the day I was trimming up the second piece to fit. I decided to keep going with the new section. The old section needed more work done to it.

And then I installed the wall in the middle of the box. That was Tuesday. Today as I was prepping to take pictures and then wallpaper, I discovered the wall was crooked! So when I'm done here, I get to remove staples and make adjustments.

Incidentally, this is the wallpaper for the kitchen. I ordered it a while back for the Big Dollhouse that has once again had it's interior plan altered. I've ordered coordinated paper for the dining room and hopefully it will arrive next week sometime.

And now the the "chaos" I mentioned. This is a pile of kits from Shenandoah Designs. As you can see, some of the kits were already in various states of assembly. Some of them are actually missing parts, which is aggravating. But for a pile of kits that I was gifted, I'm not going to complain too loudly. 

FuuzyHusband has recently taken up 3D modeling objects to either be lasercut or 3D printed. He's designed a modern sink basin that will fit the standard base cabinet kit in this pile so I can kitbash a nice looking sink for my scene. It also fixes the issue of some of the missing parts. Some. Not all. The refrigerator is the other partially assembled unit that is missing pieces. I will have to make a few replacement parts. 

I've already pulled quite a few things from my stash for the dining room. Lots of food items as well. I'll show them off next weekend, if I remember. For now I'm going to go pry out some staples and hopefully get the kitchen wallpapered before it gets too dark.

See you next weekend!