Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sewing Circle Project... really it was

Since FH and I don't have much in the way of patterns or fabric for our Rendezvous garb I took a portable mini project with me to sewing circle. It's by no means finished, but I thought you would like to see it so far.

This 1:48 scale adobe room was purchased as an unfinished blank with display case by my exquisite mother-in-law for my birthday last year. She also purchased all of the accessories as well. Everything was made by an artisan from the Chicago, IL area who goes by the name of KM Wohrstein. Her products are simply awesome and I am looking forward to owning another room or two in the future. It turns out that I need another room anyway as I have some interior accessories left over. Oh darn! ;-)

Here is the room with a scale. I didn't purposely choose the quarter (quarter-scale haha!), it just happened to be the only coin I could find. There is nothing behind the quarter for the moment. I plan on making a side table and setting an old radio (printie)on it. I have a couple of books(again printies) to put somewhere too.

This is the pile of goodies that I have to work with. Obviously some of them are aleady in place. I only used one of the sandpaintings and I didn't use the runner that matches the area rug. They will have to find another place to live.
Here is the piece in it's display case. It fit so nicely in the plastic ornament, don't you think? I bought the stand separately at Hobby Lobby.
The back is not finished. I need some white sand to use for ground cover. Once I get that I can add my coyote, the yucca, the cactus, and the flowerpot complete with bunny butt sticking out of it. But I did get the lizard decorations on the outer walls. I plan on making a string of chili peppers to hang outside as well.

If all goes well I should be able to show this at the St. Louis, MO miniature show in April. Then my mother-in-law can see it in person.


Leigh said...

That is incredible. I'm amazed that anyone could work so small. Really impressive!

MiniKat said...

I'd say "you ain't seen nuthin' yet" but I'll hold off until my attempts at 1:144 scale work or not. ;-)

Glad you like it. :-)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

OH WOW! That is so neat.....imagine the great Christmas gifts one could make...The room's so tiny!! Truly Amazing!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Wow! That's just awesome. I love that it fits inside the bauble. Truly amazing! I want to try that now! Will add it to the list.

MiniKat said...

Katie: I did think about putting it on the tree this year. I don't really have room though. ;-)

Liberty: I have the kit designer's email address. I can send it to you if you like.

Sans said...

Oh Katie, those chairs are gorgeous! They will fit right into my palace too. Does the artist work in 1:12? Don't suppose he has a website..

Eva Prunella Grandiflora said...

this is just amazing how small and detailed you can work!...I have tried to make a glass snow ball...and it landed in the trash...that was a big failure :D

Your work is really amazing!!!


MiniKat said...

Sans: I don't think the artist has a website yet. But I will ask when I see her next. She hasn't worked in 1:12 scale to my knowledge, but I will look into it for you. I may not see her until September.

Eva: Thank you! What I love about this globe is that it is plastic. Harder for the cats to break this way. ;-)