Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lots of Running

Yesterday I ran around with my friend, Holly. We were free of the kids and the husbands so we went shopping, out to lunch, and drove past the house she and her husband are trying to purchase. While waiting for FH to come home I worked on the Greenleaf and some things to go inside it.

I spent today on a gleeful trip around Peoria with one of my local mini-friends. We went to Michael's (twice), Hobby Lobby, the Dollar Store, a local craft store, and the local scrapbooking store.

I found loads of fun papers for doilies and some to become wallpaper for a witch's house. We also got to visit for several hours and talk about our mini projects. I was finally able to see her wonderful minis today as well.

Next time she's coming to my neck of the woods to work on projects. There's not much to do around the town I live in and we picked up enough supplies to occupy us for a while.

Our miniature club meets Thursday evening. We are going to figure out our plans then and see if another person is able to join us. I will be teaching the group how to make a red velvet cake at the meeting.

Tomorrow afternoon I see the new neurologist and hopefully get some answers. After that I am planning on getting back to the Greenleaf since I wasn't able to work on it today.

In other news it appears Tempie isn't wanting to eat all of a sudden. Time to break open a can of canned pumpkin and see if I can get more into the bunny than on the bunny.


tarapiglet said...

Minikat, I should have done the brick template on thin plastic, like a plastic sign, but I rushed into it as usual and now I understand why that was recommended. The mortar cracks when the floor bends. Luckily I don't think this floor will cause that to happen if handled gently but I see why and how that is preferable.
The real clay bricks themselves were pretty good. They cut alright and were sandable. I recommend them.
Also, I can't believe I haven't been folowing your blog, I was like, how'd I miss this!?

Karen B. said...

good luck with your appointment today!

rosanna said...

Good luck!! I'm happy you had such a lovely day with your friends; full of merriment and projects.
Hugs Rosanna