Friday, March 6, 2009

Roar: I Despise My Printer!

I spent the remainder of my afternoon searching for period wallpaper and flooring for Poe. I found the wallpaper in no time via Jennifer's Printables. The floor took me a while longer.

Apparently the style during the 1840's looks....well... like a blind person came up with the decor. Eye bleeding color combinations of "ugh" were turned into carpeting and wallpapers. I finally found a carpet that didn't look bad and actually went somewhat well with my wallpaper.

The plan was to print said carpeting onto fabric, a trick I have used before. I even had leftovers sheets of the special fabric from a previous project and found them in my workroom. No easy feat.

I spent at least an hour getting the rug sized just right. An hour of partial printings on paper and trimming it up to see if it was too big or too small. An hour of not being able to use the same sheet of paper more than once for the fittings. All seemed well.

Twice now it has jammed in the printer. Apparently my dad's printer was ok with the fabric, but my printer hates it.

#W$%R^T&*&^^(O*Y V&(U!!!!!!!!! <- censored foul language

For now I'm going to go with strip wood flooring and stain the planks dark walnut.


Tallulah~Belle said...

Oh dear :-(

Hope you get it sorted.

Liberty Biberty said...

Ahhh, yes, printers. Y'know, our old one (which I didn't think was that great at the time) worked a lot better than the new one. Technology, eh?!