Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Rant on Filth

Clutter is a state of normalcy. It happens in every home where people live and spend time toghter as a family and spend money on hobbies instead of a cleaning service. I am at peace with clutter, but I try to keep it to a minimum.

Filth happens when someone cannot or will not clean anything. Filth is when a room is so full of stuff that a person is unable to walk through it, much less try to clean it.

When you barely have walkways through a room that is stacked chest high with books, magazines, fabric, toys, collectibles, and the-gods-only-know-what-else you really need to see about throwing things away.

When the wall is ammonia hits people when they walk through the front door you need to be able to find the places where the cats have had a wee. And when books have been peed on write the title and author down on a notepad and throw the books out.

When knickknacks that are not heirlooms are broken and beyond repair turn up... throw them out.

When your craft supplies are being nested in or have been (again) peed on... throw them out.

When your friends, who obviously love you, come to the house to try and make paths for you and a walker or wheelchair to move through because you broke your ankle... listen to them when they say some things need to go.

It breaks their hearts to know you are living in the filth, even by your own choice. It's more heartbreaking to know you have your pets living their too.

For your sake and the sake of your pets, please let us help you find things new homes. Please let us help you throw out what is not salvageable. Please let us help you help yourself.

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Miz Minka said...

Yeah, the make-your-eyes-water wall of ammonia is especially hard to take. :(