Wednesday, March 4, 2009

From My Stash 3-4-09

I'm going to try a new thing... every week I am going to dig a miniature or two out of my stash and do a short bit about it/them.

This week's winners by default of not being stored yet are:

-This beautiful teddy bear pot of violets.
I actually just received this piece for my birthday. The maker is Mary Ellis, I.G.M.A. Artisan. I have vague memories of going past a shop of miniatures and gifts in Westport Plaza in St. Louis when I was very young. There were tiny, tiny plants on display that I knew had to have been made by magic. Now I know that Mary made those plants. Twenty-five or so years later I finally have one for my very own.

-This gorgeous shamrock rug, stitched by Stephanie Stith.
A while back I mentioned that I would love a rug like the one my friend, Pat Snowden, has in her St. Patrick's Day vignette. Stephanie said she would stitch one for me as a birthday gift. She stitched the original in Pat's setting too. This rug is destined for my St. Patrick's vignette. I'm still gathering things for it, so it may be a while before I put it together. There is a corner of a tulip quilt showing behind the rug. Stephanie also made the quilt. In fact she's made several that I am happy to own. I should dig them all out and get a group photo.

-This delicate wreath covered in seashells.
Sally Bondy put this adorable wreath together. I do not know yet where it will go, but I do know I love it. The delicate tendrils are the best part. I may do a roombox that features a shell theme, or it may join a few other items to become a seasonal decoration for my big dollhouse. I might come up with another idea all together. We'll see.

I should be digging further into my stash this weekend in hopes (probably vain hopes) to get my workroom organized again. Who knows what I will find.


Leigh said...

It's fun to see other's treasures. :)

Karen B. said...

The wreath is so cute, how big (small) is it?

Karen B. said...

Oh, and happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

You do get such lovely gifts and also make such nice cakes for your friends birthdays. Please come over to my projects blog to pick up an award that I have given to you.

MiniKat said...

Leigh: Especially that sweater you just finished. That is definitely a treasure!

Karen: The wreath is about 1" in diameter. It's actually my "half birthday" since I missed out seeing my friends last September. ;-)

Doreen: Thank you very much!