Saturday, March 14, 2009

Quickie and Then I'm going outside

The Illinois River is flooding badly again. Once again there is a "no wake" order in effect. here are some pictures I took yesterday on our way out of town.

The road along the river is closed, as is the boat ramp.
Here is the memorial area that I was livid about last summer. The flags that are absent in these pictures were still flying and in danger of drowning the last time the walkway flooded. As the daughter of a WWII veteran I was absolutely rabid. I called the VFW and let them know what happened. Apparently they remembered and took care of it this time.
This is the walkway that leads to the pier where the flagpoles sit. It's a lovely tribute area to fallen soldiers and to the people lost when a river boat sank there many years ago.

Told you we had confused seagulls.


pussman said...

Thank you for the award!
I collected it:)

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Gosh. That really is bad flooding.
That would scare me so much.

MiniKat said...

Fortunately we live about one and a half kilometers from the river and there is a rise in elevation between the water and us.