Monday, May 18, 2009

Sylvanian Families

Ok. It's taken a while to sort and photograph these and I figured out that one family (Babblebrook) is still in the original house. But here are my critters as requested/promised. :-)

This post is solely focused on the original Sylvanian Families that I started collecting as a child in the 1980's. I will do another post for the modern Calico Critters.

There is a bottle of tacky glue as scale, but the tallest individuals (adult bears) are 3 and 3/4" tall. Mrs. Treefellow is less than 2" tall, so it really depends on the species. I will give measurements of the Calicos in their post.

The Chestnut Family
The Evergreen Family
Mrs. Hoppinset (US) or Corntop (UK) - still looking for the rest of her family
The Huntington Family - missing grandparents
The Slydale Family (original)
The Solitaire Cat Wedding set, missing the ring bearer - (UK release only)
Sweetwater Wedding set
The Thistlethorn Family
Mrs. Treefellow - still looking for the rest of her family
The Timbertop Family- missing grandmother

The Waters Family
The Wildwood Family- older brother and sister were released, but only in Japan... I have the American set, minus the grandparents
The Windward Wedding set

Obviously these figures aren't in as good of condition as their Calico Critter counterparts. I played with these toys constantly. They are well loved. :-)


Ara said...

They are so cute and you have quite a collection!!! The only thing I've ever collected was elephants and they're not near as huggable :) -Ara

Karen B. said...

What a wonderful collection, MiniKat. I think my favorite is Mrs. Treefellow, because of my obsession with owls. Very cute!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Oh my...i don't may have more than me, lol! I'll have to do the same thing and show you what I have...I didn't know they had cats and owls??? Love the racoon family!! I have the baby but not the family.....

Anonymous said...

I just love your collection. I have never heard of them before but they are wonderful.My favorites are the Thistlethorn family and the Chestnut family.