Monday, May 18, 2009

Calico Critters

Here are the Calico Critters that I have managed to collect so far. The adult rabbits are 3 and 1/2" tall, including ears. The adult cats are 3 and 1/4" tall. The other adults are about 3" even.

The Beagle Family - I keep forgetting that I don't have the babies when I see them in the store. Oh well.
The Bullrush Family
The Cottontail Family
The Dalmation Family (US) or Kennelworth Family (UK)
The Whiskers Family
Then I have some babies that were purchased with bits of furniture. Also pictured here are the Petite Little Bear family twins.

And there you have it. I have a lot of these guys. But I think Katie has more than I do. Call it a hunch. ;-)


niknik said...

I am an admirer of your work and on my blog your reward!

Debbie said...

Love the frogs.. But have to say that all the sets are really cute..

Ara said...

Yes - LOVE the Bullrush family! Their eyes are fantastic!

A. Wright said...

Thanks much for posting the sizes, perfect timing! Those little "puzzles" room's are about 5 inches tall. Wont' be scale but shoud work just fine

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Bah hahaha.....I only have the bunny family so far, but I'm working on it! I'd like to find the cat family next.....And Cora wants the 'chipmunk' (Beaver) family...LOL, Yes, she knows their beavers, but still calls them chipmunks~ maybe it's cause they're so little???