Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Last Thursday's Project, aka My Third Post on Wednesday

I've probably kept several of you in suspense with the mutterings about the project I started last week that Confetti spilled water on. It's now where I wanted it to be to show off. ;-)

So here is the start of a nursery for a baby boy.

I started with this storage box with three clear sides. I found them at a store here called "Tuesday Morning." There is a lid, but that picture is on the desktop computer that is turned off due to the lightning storm.
I used foam core board to create an insert of four walls, three of which have openings cut in them. Then I used scrapbook paper as wallpaper and a large border in the place of waistcoating. The stripes needed something to break them up. And the little animals were too cute not to use.

Originally I had planned on using the Noah's Ark dollhouse paper by Mini Graphics, but the height and placement of the windows into this room went right through the design. In frustration I started flipping through a book of scrapbook paper that was themed for baby boys. I found the blue stripes, but there were only two sheets of each paper in the book. FH and my friend, Holly, both agreed that the contrasting bubbles design of the second paper worked with the stripes. Both designs came from the same collection so the colors all blend. Using the jungle animal border pulled the walls together.Sorry this picture isn't as clear. I couldn't get the camera to work right. The two side walls still need baseboard. I also don't know what I'm going to use as a floor yet. The walls will still fold inward and come out of the box, so I can lay the floor down and then set the walls right back inside.

There are three options for the floor right now. I only have one of them currently, a piece of scrapbook paper that coordinates with the walls. The other options are a neutral piece of carpet or a hardwood floor pattern on paper that I've order from Hobby Builder's Supply. I'm going to wait and look at each of them with the walls. I will take pictures too.

I have a matching box that I'm going to turn into a nursery for a baby girl. I've already cut the inner walls, but the wallpaper is on order. I would have used scrapbook paper for this one, but I saw some adorable wallpaper with baby bunnies on the Miniature Cottage website. Unless it gets here and looks all wrong in person I will be using it for the girl's version.

There are two more boxes like these in my craft room. The first is a bit smaller than the first two and I'm going to put a bakery in it. The other one is the smallest size I could find at the store. I'm going to carefully cut it apart to figure out how they were made so I can maybe make others with different fabric.

So for the moment I'm done with the structures until the second paper and floor options get here. I do have kits for furniture to put together but I don't know when I will actually get around to working on them. The "swarm of gnats" in my head are buzzing about the Greenleaf contest deadline (which I don't know if I will make) and the Orchid kit. Not to mention the backlog of polymer clay things I am set to work on. Oh and the hunting cabin for FH's nightstand, possibly finishing the cafe, cutting protective plastic for the Independence Day and Conservatory bags, taking pictures of my mini stash, searching for crocheted doilies that I "put somewhere safe..." You get the idea. ;-)


Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Wow Kat, now I have even more ideas for gifts, the small storage box idea is cool too and Id fit more in that way, ooh decisions! thanks for showing how its done!Kate xx

Sabiha Barkey said...

It alrady looks great to me,can't wait to see this project finished!

Debie Lyons said...

I cant wait to see it finished Kat. I love your minis :O)
Debie xxx

Katie's Clay Corner said... forgot to mention taking pics of your critters! LOL!!

I love your box! Love the stripes on the outside...and the wallpaper inside! Have you ever used the sticky tiles from the hardware store? They make good floors, too. Can't wait to see what the nursery looks like~ nurseries are so much fun to do!

LOL.....also can't wait to see the hunting cabin...that's sounds really neat!

rosanna said...

How many works in progress and how many lovely goodies. The walls for the boy's room are truly pretty and I'm curious about the furniture you'll use.

MiniKat said...

Kate: If you really want to know how it's done, I took pictures and made notes during the process. I could post it here if people want to know.

Sabiha and Debie: Thank you. :-) Hopefully I don't get too stalled out on this one. When that happens it's ages before I go back and finish.

Katie: I was in a hurry. The laptop was going to run out of battery. ;-)

I like the sticky tiles, but they might look too "cold" in a nursery. I've used them as patios and tiled kitchen floors before.

The cabin is the perfect example of getting stalled out on a project and taking forever to get back to it. Ugh.

Rosana: I counted the other day. I have over 30 rooms or houses in progress or that I have started collecting things for. Scary, isn't it? ;-)

This is why I am thankful that my husband is so patient when it comes to the minis.

Ara said...

This is such a cute idea!!! Man ... I need to go shopping more often in the storage section :)

MiniKat said...

It's all about laziness, Ara. If I don't have to finish the outside AND inside of a miniature, I'm more likely to actually have a completed mini quickly.

When I have to do the outside and inside, one generally happens quickly and the other may not happen for months to years.

Oh if you have a Big Lots store near you, go check out the decorative knick knack section. I've found some great stuff in there before too.