Monday, May 11, 2009

Minis in the House

I've been cleaning still. It takes a lot longer to sort through things, put them away, vacuum, dust, and what not when you're not completely back to normal. But I'm noticing that my stamina is slowly coming back. This makes me happy.

I cleaned off my two favorite pieces of furniture and cycled the minis on display today. then it occurred to me that you all might be interested in seeing them.

This cabinet was purchased unfinished right after FH and I were married. My first big project after moving was staining and finishing it to match as closely as I could to another piece from the same store. I like to switch the minis on display here, based on holidays or my whim. The clock stays put though. There aren't many places it will fit in this house.
This dry sink is the piece I was trying to match. It's not as glossy as the cabinet, but the color of stain worked out well. The dry sink was finished when we bought it.
I think I might bring out the Conservatory Bag and display it here too. I'm not sure though.

When I get to a few more places where minis normally are I will get pictures...after cleaning them of course.

Between the two of us, FH and I got about 85% of the things from my to-do list today finished. Of course he was helping after a full day at the office. Really the only big thing that I didn't get to today was the rabbit houses. I will be tackling that tomorrow after a doctor's appointment and lunch with the girls.

I'm really looking forward to the company this weekend. One, possibly two friends of FH's from high school are coming up from Missouri. I adore these two guys. They were more welcoming to me as his lady than some of his college friends. They are both fun too.

I think I will be sending the boys off to play without me a bit this weekend. I will get mini time and FH will get "guy" time with two of his best friends. It will be a win win. :-)

Maybe this weekend I will finally find some way of getting my revenge on one of them for giving this:as a wedding gift. There's a long story involved and it's pretty funny since it originated when the boys were still in high school. But I will tell it another day. ;-)


A. Wright said...

First, it's great to hear you're feeling more energetic!

I really like the idea of displaying your minis around the house. They look great on the cabinets.

LOL, I'd love to hear the tale about the smoking man ;)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

...and when you get done, you can come do my house, Hahaha!!

I love the bags!! Every time I see one it makes me want to make one....Some day!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

I love those gift bags, they are so great an idea! Do you have a tutorial for them at all, or does the lady whos class you went to do one Kat? My stepdaughters are always moaning at me to make a room box, but this would be a much easier and better present for me to make them. Thanks Kat, Kate xx

Kim said...

Your first cabinet that you refinished looks wonderful! I am horrible at refinishing and always end up painting instead :)

Wonderful that your energy is coming back and just in time for you to get some mini time for yourself too!

I will also be wondering about the smoking man :)

MiniKat said...

For anyone interested, the tutorial from my friend, Fay, can be found here:

I will tell the story of the smoking man soon. I need to talk to FH to make sure I get the details correct. ;-)

Marlene said...

Can't wait for the smoking man,I'm so glad you are feeling a bit stronger, I love to read your blog each day, greetings from a dull UK, weather that is, thoo I do have my dull days

Julie Kendall said...

Its good to hear you have a bit more energy.
I would love to have a display cabinet, yours is so lovely but our house is so tiny it would have to be wall mounted!!
You have me very intrigued about the smoking man:O)

Alice said...

Great job finishing that cabinet! It is lovely!

I have minis tucked around the house here and there. My display cabinet got filled up. I think that part of the reason I have so many UFO's is that they take up less space in my closet than they would if I finished them and displayed them!

The smoking man is ugly! (Am I blunt, or what? LOL) I am eager to hear the story!

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Thanks for the tutorial link Kat, I will have great fun making them gift bags now for christmas and will post any pics when i have them lol kate xx