Sunday, May 10, 2009

As Promised

FH decided to take pictures of the garden this morning. Happily one included the paved section with the planters of beans.Here are the three tomato plants and one of the zucchini plants. There are carrots coming up in front of the tomatoes.
The chili plants and bush beans:
The other zucchini, the lettuce, and the watermelon patch.
The watermelons are something we've never planted before. These seeds are from an heirloom variety called "Moon and Stars" and were rediscovered in Missouri many years ago. We're not sure if they are going to grow for us, but it's worth a shot.

As far as minis go, wallpaper logistics have me at a standstill with what I was playing with on Thursday. I think with FH's help I've got it figured out but I won't know I get a chance to spray the new paper with varnish.

Today we mostly relaxed after cleaning all day yesterday. Sometimes we just need a day to recharge.


A. Wright said...

Good luck with the watermelons. Here's hoping we get to see some photos later this year :)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

I wanta veggie garden....Sounds so yummy!!!

Karen B. said...

Thanks for the garden pictures! I completely forgot about bush beans and still have some room left in my garden. You grew them from seed?

Debbie said...

Lovely Veggie Garden.. Hope your Water Melons grow. We ccan't grow them here, too cold..

Alice said...

Ooh, fun! I get to enjoy the planting of a garden, yours, without doing any of the work! One of these days, we should put in some raised beds to grow veggies. Our soil is heavy clay, so it is hard to get things to grow well. We tried a garden years ago, but gave up. Mom always had a garden, so I grew up helping plant it and weed it and such.