Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hey Casey!

So after trying and failing to get these pics resized enough for Casey to see them emailed, I'm throwing them onto the blog.

We were trying to figure out a way for the outsides to possibly get covered, or even painted so they don't look the same.

Any ideas would be welcome. :-)


Stash post will happen when I get back fro running with my girl-friends. They want to hear about the face bashing in person. I think it's so they can "laugh with me"... yeah right. ;-)


Caseymini said...

Waht a relief! I am not suffering from some sort of eye malidy that makes everything bigger than it is!LOL. I am still thinking that painting them white to get rid of the stripes and then covering them with fabric would work best. Maybe someone else that reads your blog will have a better idea.

How about a 1/2" scale room in the smallest one?

MiniKat said...

The windows aren't really that big. I might put it back together after dissection. It would certainly show me how fiddly assembly would be.

Sassy M said...

I LOVE the boxes!! You could paint them with fabric paint :)

A. Wright said...

Yep you can paint fabric any way you like :) Looks like a thicker canvas material so shouldn't be a problem.

I assume there is some paper type board under the fabric so I'd be careful about runny paint and do serveral light coats rather than one or two heavy ones.

Debbie said...

Everyone else has beat me to it. But I was going to say try Fabric Paint.
Mind you the colour of the boxes reminds me of Chocolate. You could do a Chocolate Shop in one..x

MiniKat said...

The fabric is actually a thick cotton. But I was hoping to do away with the stripes altogether.

The middle size box is going to become a bakery, with plently of chocolate. ;-)

I have two of the largest size that are turning into twin nurseries. The smallest might get put back together after I figure out how it's made.

Debie Lyons said...

I hope you are ok Kat, I just read back over your blog (((((hugs )))))))

You have some really unique and interesting things on the go.

Love it, love it, love it xxx

Debie xxx

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

I know i'm really, really late with this one, but you could use acrylic paints because it's material and just like canvas.
It will need a few coats as a base to get rid of the stripes. It will also turn out with less of a shine than fabric paint.
If you want the outsides to look like walls you could do that too and add almost anything really. Sand mixed into the paint wiill give textured walls.