Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Today So Far

Well I believe I have stopped work for a while today. I ended up bashing myself in the face with the nursery's box. Patch feels bad because it happened while he was barking at me for working on something other than the Greenleaf. I was in the middle of setting the floor in place but one edge was a tad to wide so I was turning the box upside down to extract and trim it.

It's going to bruise for sure, but my teeth are intact. Interior bleeding was minimal as well.

I did manage to not only still get the floor in the nursery, but also finished the flooring in the Greenleaf. Here's the nursery floor. I managed to not bleed on anything. That makes me happy.
The chair and a bookcase are currently drying in the garage from being sprayed with varnish. A few accessories are finished and in their places, and I whipped up a quick and easy throw rug for the upstairs. Here's the pup of the hour on the throw rug.

This one was easy. I found a scrap of upholstery fabric leftover for a project my mom did a while back. It was mostly squared up already so I just pulled out threads on the short ends to make fringe and puled a few from the long ends to even it out. Then I smeared the edges with Fray Check (love that stuff). After it dried I trimmed the fringe to length and cleaned up the long edges.The baseboards for the first floor are cut. I need to stain them and the pieces for a bed, but the maintenance crew are mowing. Grass bits are flying everywhere, so no staining until they are done and the grass has settled.

So I guess I will go read a book or work on the stitched rug for a while. I really don't feel like doing much. Heh. People are going to think FH hit me if this swells anymore. Good thing he was at the office. ;-)

If I get anymore done today I will let you know.


Anonymous said...

The floor, the chair, the rug all look pretty good and I hope you do too and that you don't bruise all up.

Jean Day said...

Nice rug, and floor, it is coming along beautifully. I love Nurseries!
Can't wait to see more. Sorry about your injury!

Mini Hugs, Jean

Caseymini said...

I love the way that you cut out the sides and put the glass panels in. I am assuming that we don't get to see the whole thing until after the contest is over? I can't wait! It looks good so far, from what I can see. Go Kat! I hope you win.

Debbie said...

The floor looks lovely. Really looking forward to seeing it all completed. Hope your not too bruised!

Mommylion said...

Minis - a dangerous hobby! Hope your face doesn't bruise badly. That nursery is adorable though :) Can't wait to see it completed.

Sans said...

Kat, that rug is real nice and authentic. You go win that contest or just have fun :)Put ice on that bruise or use a hard boiled egg..it will swell real bad but heal faster.

Kim said...


I love the floor in the box- but not the injury! I hope it does not swell up too much :(

Take care!!