Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another Repurposed Miniature Container

I thought I should mention another great place to shop for odd containers/settings for minis are the Big Lots stores. I found this metal and glass lantern for about $15. I'm not sure what will go in here. I'm thinking maybe a man dressed as a Victorian rat catcher or lamp lighter. Or even something spookier. Not quite sure yet.

As you can see Pollux isn't sure what to make of it either.
Here's a shot without my chief inspector's nose in the way.
The front opens nicely, but there isn't much room unless I when down to 1:48 scale. The idea of a doll in there is intriguing enough to keep me in 1:12 for the moment.


Debbie said...

I've also got one couple of these Kat but still haven't decided what to put in it.. I look forward to seeing what you create in there...

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Pollux is so cute! I had a siamese growing up, and he was my bestest friend!! :) His name was Ebenezer.

Love the new container....a Victorian Rat Catcher, huh! LOL!!!

Ara said...

Ummm.... genius!!! I will be visiting a Big Lots next week (I have just decided :) -Ara

Alice said...

*sigh* Tuesday Morning and Big Lots. Those are stores that are not local to me.

I like that container! My Halloween kids would fit perfectly. I still have not found the right container for them. I wish I had known about it two weeks ago, when I was in Spokane. There is a Big Lots there, near where we were. I could have looked.

julietk said...

Just came across your blog :-) That sure is a piece just waiting for some magic :-D I look forward to seeing it someday.