Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Job stuff aka Katie's Challege

Ok Katie... here you go in no particular order:

-Dairy Queen
-hostess at sit down restaurant where men my father's age (60 years my senior) would try to grab my butt (was in high school at the time *shudder*)
-Dunkin Donuts, one shift only... my behind didn't need to be any larger than it was when I started that job *cough*
-temp for secretarial work
-au paire
-pool monitor
-custom doll house miniature maker
-reader for visually impaired students
-logger on a geotechincal drilling rig
-lunchlady in Catholic school cafeteria [still surprised I never burst into flames ;-)]
-Hancock Fabrics as a cashier, cutter, stocker, disgruntled slave wage earner...
-pet sitter
-insurance information gatherer for a "GAP" insurance company for total loss vehicle insurance
-janitorial/custodial assistant
-mucker (as in cleaning out horse stalls)

That's pretty much it. Best ever was actually the lunch lady gig. Wish I hadn't left that one. And it was after I had my degree too.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Now I'm laughing....How do you go from being a lunch lady to a logger??? I think I'd of liked the mucker job the best....I used to ride when I was little and sure do miss all the comes with it! Like the housewife-supermom thing!!

And Yes, you have to take pictures of the critters....Funny thing about the corntop family I have the Dad, 2 children and No Mommy,? Wonder if they were sold as sets or something?

rosanna said...

How many works, I'm much more boring! hugs

Anonymous said...

You have been busy in a variety of jobs. I like the mukker job best too. We had a mini farm for awhile and I had to do a lot of mukking while my husband worked in the city.

Betty said...

What a cool variety of jobs you have! Personally my job list is short but it's ok. I still learned a lot from it.