Thursday, May 14, 2009

Message For Mini Maker!

This is a message for Mini-Maker of Miniature Mumblings:

I tried commenting on your blog about the Whistle Stop Cafe mini, but for some reason I can't leave any comments. I have some ideas for you.

The hickory pit can be made easily with paperclay and some wire. The enamel-ware pieces that are being used for cooking/mixing could be made by adapting Marlies' wonderful enamel jug pattern to the correct shape.

There's a great book on miniatures from the 30's and 40's: Thirties and Forties Miniatures in 1:12 Scale by Jane Harrop. She has some great kitchen things in there. I've got anther book somewhere that shows great ways to make diner furniture.


Mary said...

Me, too! Mini Maker, I tried commenting on your blog last night but couldn't. I think there's something wrong with the HTML on the new background that you used for your blog!

rosanna said...

Me too! and I love this movie and the book!

The Mini - Maker said...

Thanks guys, I appreciate the info... I've changed it now, so lets see if it works!!!! :)