Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures from the Weekend

It rained lots yesterday, but happily it didn't start until after the Memorial Day Service was over. Most of these pictures were taken Sunday.

Row of camps. The tents are canvas, held up with wooden poles.
Most awesome kitchen pavilion ever! We were staying in a tent adjacent to this pavilion. The benches are actually storage boxes and all the furniture breaks down for easy moving and storage.
Cooking set up. I love how AM* has her cooking fire set up. FH is supposed to make me a similar set up once he gets to a forge he can use.
Aday* watching LittleD* shoot in the men's muzzle loading shotgun competition.
He took 8th and had never used a firearm before. No they didn't have eye protection and hearing proection in the 1800's, but we do now and we require it for everyone under 18 years of age. The adults can take all the chances they want. FH, Aday, BigH*, and the other men we tend to run around with don't. They carry their safety equipment in period style bags to and from the ranges.

FH took first in the men's muzzle loading rifle competition. He picked this candlestick for our lodge off the prize blanket.
He did also get some shooting stuff for himself. But I really wanted the candlestick. Flashlights are a no-no in camo, except for emergencies. Have to stay in period.

LittleD working on his bow on BigH's shaving horse.
The strange looking cloth covered thing behind him is a gatorade water cooler covered with an extra large pillow case. We haul our own water out for cooking, washing, and drinking. There's a basin for washing and preventing mud puddles under the spout and a tin with a bar of soap on top.

This is what happens when lemonade mix is liquified with rum and served over ice. Deer targets get stuck into someone's bedroll and then get moved to the next guy's camp. DaddyT* stuck his head out of the lodge and did a double take. I was luckily there to get it on camera.

The cutest part of the whole weekend.Baby Anna. The one I stitched the birth announcement for. She's in her little cradle, on a sheepskin, tucked in her flannel blanket. I am seriously considering making a miniature of this...well one for her mother, grandmother, and myself. ;-)

I will catch up with all your comments soon, I promise. I have to go find a pot of tea or else I'm not going to stay awake for long. The weekend drained everyone.

*psuedonyms, but you probably figured that out. ;-)


Kim said...

This looks like the most awesome fun ever. I am so glad that you post pictures and tell us all about it! Almost as good as being there. I love the candlestick, but especially love the little sleeping baby :)

Marlene said...

What great fun and with a cute baby.
Glad you had a good time.

Mary said...

I'm glad you decided to join the Rendevous, it looks like so much fun.

It's cool how lemonade mix has been around since the 1800s--I would have thought that Kool-Aid and Minute Maid were invented pretty recently ;-)

Karen B. said...

These events must be great fun, how nice to have a fun group of people that enjoy it, too.

MiniKat said...

Kim: It is fun... but it's hard to work on minis at these things. Not because of the conditions, but because we have to "stay in period" and all of the minis I'm working on right now aren't anywhere close to being appropriate. ;-) Anna is a little angel.

Marlene: The baby cooed and laughed all weekend. She's 3rd generation in her family to come to camp! :-)

Mary: LOL! We do cheat from time to time. But we drank out of period cups! ;-)

Karen: We'll be doing this on and off into the fall. It's pretty wild.

Debbie said...

Looks like you all had a great time. The candlestick is lovely and baby Anna is so cute...

Sharon said...

What a fun weekend - I'm glad you took the pictures and time to share it.

WendiesMiniWorld said...

Looks like you had great fun, bit too rough & ready for me though LOL I like my home comforts too much!! although the 'Rumonade' sounds tempting :o)

Jean Day said...

Great skills, interests and a lot of work but it must have been so exciting. The baby is so beautiful, it would make a terrific miniature, you are right.

Mini Hugs, Jean

Sans said...

You come up with the most wonderful concoction! Rumonade? ChocoGuiness? And yes, this sojourn sounds like loads of fun but why aren't you guys in costume? You pick the perfect prize. I would have wanted that too :)

MiniKat said...

Debbie: Thank you. It was a good time. Hopefully we recover from this one in time for the next.

Sharon: Glad you enjoyed the pictures. :-)

Wendie: It is a bit rough and ready... but there is furniture. We slept in an actual bed, off the ground, with a frame.

Jean: I am going to make a mini of Anna for the Rendezvous minis I'm putting together. I think she would be perfect.

San: Um they are in costume. Men's clothes from that time aren't much different than what we wear now. I don't have any pictures of the ladies. We were having bad hair days. ;-)

Tallulah~Belle said...

Wow....I wanna come and play...that looks like the most fun ever :-)

MiniKat said...

Jayne you'd be more than welcome! :-)

Tallulah~Belle said...

Hmmm...chances of me persuading Mick to come back north.....slim lol.