Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rearranging and "Art"

Since my last post several things have happened.

1. FH has to work this weekend, which means the boys are not coming.

2. I decided I needed to not only dust (before I knew #1) but I needed to rearrange things a bit.

3. The wallpaper conundrum that plagued my project from last Thursday was solved by FH.

4. FH told me the story of "the smoking man" so I can relate it here properly.

Here are pictures of the rearranging:
This is the cafe I mentioned months ago. I still haven't finished it. I decided I was irritated for not changing it further once it came into my possession. I will post more on it later.
While I was taking these, I thought you might like to see another project in progress:
It will be a garden when I get it finished. I need to touch up the background and then get the base in place. Then I can go crazy with landscaping.

Here is the story of "the smoking man." We call him "Art."

When FH and his friends were still in high school they were wandering around the local shopping mall. There was an art store there that had several sculptures and framed prints for sale and Art was one of the featured pieces. Unbeknownst to FH, his friend decided at that moment that whenever FH got married he was going to buy Art as the wedding gift. The store eventually closed.

Eight or so years later the friend tracked down Art with the help of his wife. And there you have it. The look on my husband's face when we unwrapped the bloody thing in our hotel room after the ceremony... he laughed and laughed, remembering that day at the mall years before. He laughed more when he saw the look of disgust on my face.

The reason Art now resides in the main part of the house, as opposed to FH's craft room, is because I figured if I keep finishing minis to display in the house FH should have something he likes in the main part of the house. It's only fair. "Fair enough?" is often asked between us, since we take the idea of marriage being a partnership very seriously. I'll just have to finish more minis to make up for the fact that I loathe Art. At least it's not a leg lamp from "A Christmas Story" or a taxidermied fish... or even canines playing cards or billiards. Art is at least art... hence his name.


Anonymous said...

That's a TV case that you have gutted to place a miniature scene in? How clever!

Alice said...

There is no rule that objects with sentimental value have to be pleasing to the eye! Good for you for displaying Art! You may loathe Art, but you love your husband.

Confetti looks pleased.

A. Wright said...

I had a friend who turned an old TV into a fish tank, I love the idea of using one for a mini scene.

Also, I adore your milk glass oil lamp! I'm a milk glass fiend!!

MiniKat said...

Christine: Yes it's an old console TV. Thanks. :-)

Alice: She was very pleased.

April: Thanks! I've got another old TV gutted and ready to start constructing interior walls. My mother bought that lamp when she and my father were on their honeymoon in Idaho.

Debie Lyons said...

Kat its nice to see where you are putting your projects. I love the FH story.
Debie xxx

Katie's Clay Corner said...

LOL...I happen to like 'Art'! I bet no one else has one, lol!

ok....Is that a tree house up on the bookshelf? You'll have to show us that one day!!

...I wanna TV to decorate! How cool is that!!!!

MiniKat said...

Debie: Stories tend to happen when FH is with his high school friends. It one of their many charms. ;-)

Katie: Yes it's a tree house. I'll pull it down someday. I didn't make it though. Long story with that one.

Where I went to college there were lots of people who still used the big console TVs. Every once in a while I would find them left for the garbage man after they quit working. I had a truck then, so I'd go grab the nicer ones and gut them.

They are great because they can actually get used for something besides holding a mini scene. The one in the picture acts as our TV stand. The other one in my work room is what the big dollhouse is sitting on. ;-)

Kim said...

I think everything looks great! Your kitty is adorable! I love the tv- I just saw one of those at a sale and now I am kicking myself because I never even thought about how it is the perfect size to display a house and I love that you gutted it for another mini scene! I learn something new from all of you fab mini folks everyday!

I think I would have the same reaction to Art- but I think it is great that you comprimise with your hubby- that is why all the pictures in my living room are of wolves. Sometimes you gotta play nice and share :)

Hope you have a happy mini-ing weekend Kat if you don't have company coming :)