Sunday, May 17, 2009

Busy Saturday

FH and I had a full day yesterday. He did some errands and went to work for a while. I did house chores and put together a couple of furniture kits while watching the season finale of Grey's Anatomy.The chair is for the Greenleaf. The crib will be for one of the nurseries. Not sure yet. I have another kit to dig out and assemble. The bunny decal will go on whichever crib goes in the girl's nursery.

That crib was so bloody fiddly to get together. I ended up building a jig out of Legos to not only hold the 90 degree angles, but to also hold the release rails in place while the glue dried. I'm not sure if I will use the plastic mattress that came with the crib or not. We'll see. I like this kit because the side rails are movable and the mattress spring can be raised or lowered like a real crib. I wish I had another one for the second room.

When he came home we ran to our local farmer's market and to Menard's for some gardening stuff. Then we moved the pavers that I placed to the spot where we needed more and he installed another raised bed. A friend of ours started some yellow squash plants over the winter and had extra. But we didn't have anywhere to put them. Now we do.
I need to properly set those pavers still, but I was trying to hurry out of FH's way so he could cut the board for the raised bed.

Once the gardening was taken care of, FH and I were taken on a walk by Confetti. She had such a good time.She really made the boys jealous with her adventure. I am going to try and take at least one of the boys out later today.

After we tucked Confetti back in the house we changed into old clothes and went to Holly's new house to help them paint more. Daughter's room is finished. Master bedroom/bath, son's room, and guest room all had one coat of paint when the four of us stopped for the night. She's hoping B can get a second coat of paint in their son's room today, but he goes to college on the weekends so we're not sure if he will have time.

FH and I got home around midnight. Critters were fed and we collapsed.

We're headed out today for the Long Rifle meeting. I'm hoping to get some time today for minis. I need to get a floor into the Greenleaf and baseboards cut.


Texas Belle said...

That crib is adorable - you did a great job!

Miz Minka said...

How did you get Confetti used to walking on a leash? We tried that with Minka, but she never got comfortable with it. (Umm, that's probably an understatement.)

rosanna said...

What a nice sunny day you have gt. what about Grey's Anatomy? we still have to see the final and Matteo and I are curious. We both love Cristina, she is a real witch.
Te crib is wonderful and you have been very good at it.

Katie's Clay Corner said...

Your kits came out really good....Love the working crib!

garden is looking good...makes me want to go play in my dirt, but it's pouring down rain here!

Confetti is so cute, love her markings....She looks likes she having fun! I wish I could take Otis out on a leash....but he's our only inside kitty. The other two have been roaming the 'streets' for years. Pocus stays in more now that she's older, but JD is too mouthy to keep in...he sits at the front door and cries, and cries. Even when it's raining he'd rather be outside?!

MiniKat said...

Belle: Thank you! :-)

Miz Minka: She's always walked on a leash. The boys do too. We started them out in tiny harnesses and light-weight leashes when they were all kittens. The trick is we walk where they want to go. ;-)

Rosana: There was a surprise I wasn't expecting in the Grey's finale. It was fantastic, even if the story won't end until next season.

Katie: The weird thing is Confetti used to hate outside... especially grass. She would always stay on the sidewalk or try to run back inside. FH and I weren't sure what she would do when we took her out. I guess she mellowed with age. ;-)

Sans said...

I like the crib too. A movable one? Wow. You have an enviable weekend. It must have been very satisfying :)