Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Good Heavens, More New Followers!

I chose Castor's picture for a welcome picture because he's not only adorable but he LOVES people. I know he'd be having a field day if all the lovely new followers who have joined the party today were actually here to pet him. ;-)

A warm and happy welcome to Tarkus of My Miniature Adventure! and Cate and David of Solet Luna!

Tarkus is building an adorable dollhouse and some incredible furniture. I love her sense of color and design in the rooms.

Cate and David are a married team of artists who make a variety of gorgeous things. Whimsical and fanciful dolls are just the start of their projects. Currently a stunning southwest bungalow is in the works. I'm so envious!

Please go over and say hello. You will be glad you did. :-)

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