Saturday, May 9, 2009

FH Bought Me....

an Orchid kit for Mother's Day! It's apparently from the kitties and bunnies too. ;-)
I'm so excited! It's going to be occupied by the witch who I've been designing in my head for years now. Her name is Esmeralda, "Ezzie" to her friends.

I want to add a basement level to the house so I will be building a hill to landscape for the main part of the house to rest in. There will also be an area for her potion kitchen to be set apart from the main house.

This is going to rock. I will probably start building it after the Greenleaf is finished and I get the designed for the hill and basement area drawn up.

I did forgive Confetti, in case people were wondering. But I did call her grandmother and made her give a lecture over the phone. (My mother, FH, and I are the only humans she likes and she does talk at the phone when she hears my mom's voice.)

I didn't really get back to my project from Thursday yet this weekend. FH got to come home early Friday so we went over to the home store and bought garden pavers, plastic trellis, and some new planters. I miscalculated and we ended up short by four pavers. But we did get one section of ground covered inside our patio area.

FH planted beans in the planters and they are currently sitting on the paved area and protected from the neighborhood miscrients that were stealing from our garden last year. The trellis is eight feet long and four feet tall and fills one of the open sections of fence around the patio. If the plants grow taller than four feet, we have a smaller section of plastic trellis to add to the height.

Of course I forgot to take pictures in the daylight. I will try to remember on Sunday.

We spent today doing some more cleaning, but it wasn't rushed and FH was home to help. Company is coming next weekend and I want to have the house in decent shape before then. There's nothing quite as awesome as seeing your husband in purple rubber gloves scrubbing things down with osapy, bleachy water. ;-) I love that man.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day!


Anonymous said...

Have fun with the house :)

julie campbell said...

I have this very same house in a box just waiting for me to build it !!
I cant wait to see how yours turns out, it might inspire me to do something with mine which I would very much like to turn into a haunted house. It just has that spooky look to it doesnt it :0)
I actually used the roof tiles from mine on the roof of my old womans shoe house :0)
look forward to seeing this take shape
julie xxx

Marlene said...

You are so lucky, kev would never buy me a house, I hope you have a good mothers day, in UK our's was n March, but I will tell my daughters to respect the American day as well. We are all off to a wedding fair, youngest has booked her day for next year.

Debbie said...

Happy Mother's Day. What a wonderful present. Looking forward to seeing you put it together..

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Happy Mothers Day, its a wonderful house. I have seen it made up on ebay and twice gone to bid so i could make a fairy house out of it, with lots of flowers and furniture made from twigs and things, but i resisted as i have far too many already!! But it will make an excellent witches cottage, cant wait to see what you do with it, as witches are my thing!! Kate xx

Debie Lyons said...

Kat I cant wait to see what you do with that house. More brownie points for FH.
Debie xxx

Ara said...

What a fun gift!!! I should show this to my DH! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats! What a fun gift!

rosanna said...

It will be great t look at it finished with its owner, Ezzie, in.
Your kitten and bunnies have been much nicer than my son....

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

And well you should love that fuzzy man! Don't tell us if he has any faults, because it would ruin our belief that the perfect man really DOES exist! :-)

MiniKat said...

loshcosh: Thanks! :-)

Julie: I just love the "American Gothic Revival" look of this kit. It's perfectly creepy, yet oddly elegant. That's why I chose it for my witch's home.

Marlene: I know I'm lucky. I tell myself that every day. Please give our congratulations to your youngest.

Debbie: I've still trying to figure out how I will add the basement. But ideas for the interior walls are starting to creep in. ;-)

Kate: I'm lucky he agreed to this. I already have four houses and countless roomboxes in various states of construction.

Debie: Yes he does get more brownie points for this!

Ara: Good luck! ;-)

Christine: Thank you!

Rosana: The pets might be nicer, but I'm sure your son can feed himself and clean up after himself better than the bunnies and cats are able. ;-)

Michelle: I read your comment to FH and he raised an eyebrow up into his hairline. I would be shocked if you didn't hear the sarcastic snort that accompanied it. ;-)

WendiesMiniWorld said...

What a great gift! Like Julie I had this house in a box unmade for far too long and was going to make the same as you - a witches house, but then I started collecting up all the witchy stuff and dolls I had and realised it would never all fit! so I built a bigger house from scratch, I now have a skool of majick & witchery a metre long and 3 stories high, so be warned - you may end up with a basement below the basement with a dungeon and ...... LOL