Monday, April 6, 2009

Almost like Yule....

I spent the afternoon searching for some of the lights for the "big dollhouse." Three plastic file boxes worth of miniatures have been gone through and photographed so I can have a chance of remembering what is in them.

A few things were pulled out for newer projects, like the Chrysenbon rocking chair I painted black and tried putting the decal onto and the decal came part-way off. It was heart-wrenching at the time as I had never done decals before and couldn't afford a second chair kit. Today I decided it would be perfect for one of the Attic Lamps.

In 2003 my mother purchased every furniture set from the Smithsonian catalog for me. I believe it was my birthday. There's a dining set, with sideboard and silver chest; a bedroom set with dressers, night table, and mirror; and a set of bunk beds with rocking horse. I did remember having them but had no idea where they were.

Furniture that I painted in my miniature club in college was tucked away with painted furniture by a new deceased artisan who I dearly loved.

Needless to say I have much in the way of material for my weekly "stash posts," but here is a preview since there is so much and some of you are probably overly curious by now... I would be if the situation was reversed. ;-)

This is the furniture I have collected so far for the bathroom in the "big dollhouse." The sink and mirror are by Reutter. I don't know who did the shower, but I bought it from the local mini shop back in college. The tub is from a Chrysenbon kit and was left over from me using the sink and stool in another setting.
This is a curio cabinet for the same dollhouse's living room. If I remember correctly it was a gift from my then-boy-friend's mother. This was the guy who let me get away, much to FH's advantage. His parents were lovely people and I miss them more than I miss him.
I found the little bits that I had gathered to decorate it before I took the picture. It looks so much better with the treasures in it.

These are orchids that FH bought me from a miniature show right after we moved out of the college town.
The artist's name is still on the bottom of the display box. I couldn't find them when I put together the Conservatory Bag. It's just as well because they are destined for the library in the "big dollhouse."

I keep mentioning that beast of a house. I really need to take some pictures of it to show you all. You can kind of see it in the middle picture from the craft room cleaning post. Look for the blue house with junk on the porches. It's nowhere near finished... in fact I took apart the porch railings, windows, doors, and stairs to paint them and finals weeks got in the way of getting them finished and put back.

FH is going to help me turn it around so the open half is exposed tonight. I should be able to get some pictures then. I'm going to go clean off the porches so we can turn it.


Debbie said...

Kat I like that Miniature Curio Cabinet, its very unusual.

Jean Day said...

I'm really looking forward to photos of inside your farmhouse, houses really take a long time. Love all your bathroom and other items. Gorgeous orchid. You are so lucky your family gives you miniatures as gifts.

Liberty Biberty said...

You have so many lovely things stashed away! Love that shower!

MiniKat said...

Debbie: Thank you. I thought it was cool when I saw it because I hadn't ever seen one like it before.

Jean: I know I'm lucky. My mother-in-law has already stopped buying me scented bath items in favor of miniatures. ;-) And my mother is always saving my odd bits and pieces in hopes that I can make something from them.

Mercedes: I've seen a similar shower in the Hobby Builder's Supply catalog. It was so neat when I bought it because I had never seen an actual miniature shower before. :-)