Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Have You Figured Out...

...that I have the attention span of a gnat on most days? ;-)

After being stabbed by the junction splice I decided I needed to not look at the Greenleaf today. Things to go inside it are fair game, since they aren't involved with the electrical. Other unfinished projects are ok too.

First, here is a picture of the furniture I have for the Big Dollhouse. This gives me a great idea about what I still want to purchase or make in terms of the furnishings and gave me an excuse to play with it for a bit. The middle attic room is currently playing host to the electrical schematics.
I'm really not sure about the furniture in the master bedroom. I don't want to modify the pieces, other than redressing the bed, and I don't really know if I like the wood color with the room's decor. I thought I would try it out and see if it grows on me. As I stare at it I believe a lighter color would be better...still thinking.

The library is missing it's bookcase. I left it on the kitchen table to decoupage and forgot to put into the room for the picture. No, I haven't started the decoupage either. I need to build or modify a fireplace for the living room. And I think I have settled on a big, white couch for that room. The kitchen will get more Reutter pieces because 1. I like them and 2. they will go well with the Reutter stove that is in there already.

I have drawn up a design for a headboard for the girl's room. Have any of you ever seen the headboards like look like a dollhouse and has little shelves to put 1:144 scale furniture in? I fell in love with one when I saw it years ago and plan on recreating it for the room.

The other thing that I've played with so far today is my Independence Day vignette. It's not finished yet, but there's enough complete to show off. I'm debating whether to build a quilt rack or display the quilt draped on a chair.
If I build the quilt rack I would need to do something for the empty patch of floor. If I drape it on a chair I can have a cat or dog napping on the part that has reached the floor, thus taking care of both issues.

The other dilemma is what to do with Franklin's picture. Currently he's propped up next to a bag of teddy bears. He doesn't look bad there but Washington and Jefferson are shown off a bit better. It just doesn't seen right to have the old womanizer on the floor. His personal habits aside he did alot for this country and it just doesn't fit well to have him down there. Maybe if I made a frame for him it wouldn't look as bad.
I just got tired of messing around with frames. That's why Jefferson is being held by the big teddy bear.

Holly took me to the "Lobby o' Hobby" where I was able to get a new junction splice. But I refuse to fart around with the Greenleaf still. I think I will go take advantage of the light and get some stitching done.

I *would* be playing with the chunks of pineapple cane that Katie so kindly sent me [Thank you, Katie! :-)] or working on sculpting a doll, or Pallas, or a raven, or some reptiles... but the whole punctured thumb it putting a cramp in that thought. Stupid bloody junction splice....


Debbie said...

Kat I have the same little cupboard as you have in your Vignette.

MiniKat said...

Great minds have wonderful taste and think alike. ;-)

Katie's Clay Corner said...

LOL...I hope your thumb gets better soon so you can play!!

As for the house...I agree that the furniture is too dark for the master bedroom...but I love that room....and I wouldn't dare strip that furniture...it's beautiful! Tough call! A dollhouse headboard sounds great! I have seen them, and think they're so cool. You'll have to post pictures of that when you do it! I like the idea of the quilt drapped over the chair~ but you'd have to find a famous presidental dog to nap there. And as far as Franklin's picture goes...It definitly has to have a frame...maybe you could hang it under that flag quilt on the wall?! Is that going to be a nursery in the upper left of the house? Nursery's are always so much fun to make!!

MiniKat said...

No the upper left room in the house is a girl's room... age 8 or 9. I will be doing a nursery roombox though. It's for a boy of about 2, themed in Noah's Ark.

I'm thinking of getting (or building) a completely different bed for the master bedroom. I do need to do something with the Smithsonian set though. It seems a shame to keep them in boxes forever.

I was trying to avoid framing Franklin, but I think you're right. I have a nice frame that is too big, but not big enough that a mat would help. Guess I will have to make one. Wonder if Doreen would send her Julie over to help? ;-)

Jean Day said...

My goodness you are busy, really enjoy hearing your thoughts about what you are doing, you are really inspiring!