Sunday, April 5, 2009

Snarl and Growl

Well I got the minor walls glued to the Greenleaf. Then I started the electrical. Yeah... about that. grrrrr.....

Either the transformer or the lead in wire is DOA because none of the circuits seem to be functioning. Now in the past I usually end up redoing one junction of tape wire per project... but I've never had none of them work.

And insult to injury some of the glue joints worked loose while connecting the tape wire junctions. No sense in re-gluing them until I get the mess figured out. *dirty words*

Tomorrow FH is going to help me spin the "big dollhouse" around so I can get at the junction splice on it and test the wire and transformer. I know the electric works in the big house.

Of course this means I will have to unpack the lights for that house... which means I have a file tub full of minis to search through in order to find them. And inevitably I may end up distracted further from Poe and the Greenleaf by the presence of those minis. *sigh*

So while FH is working I guess I will be building the next bits of furniture that I've worked up for the Greenleaf and unpacking more minis.

Oh and Tessie, if you read this over Casey's shoulder... if you bring Spike back from where you have hidden him, I would be willing to make you a tough dog of your own. This fella is just a puppy but I'm certain he has a bigger brother or sister waiting to come out of the clay.


Katie's Clay Corner said...

Your so brave.....That whole wiring thing scares me, LOL!

What a cute little puppy!

Caseymini said...

Kat, I have Spike in a "safe" place. He is MINE. Don't tell Casey!

Good luck with the wiring. Should I send Zar to assist you?. No wait. I need him......