Sunday, April 19, 2009

Finally the Sewing Cabinet

A picture is worth a thousand words so this post will be as picture heavy as I can make it. I'm going to show you how I used some wallpaper and paint to turn a craft store cabinet (don't remember if it was a Michael's hutch) into my sewing cabinet.

Here's the wallpaper I used:
Here's the original cabinet, inside and out.

I popped the original knobs off the door and filled the holes with wood putty. At this point I wasn't sure how I would decorate the cabinet so I wanted the holes filled in.
The interior painted and with the extra shelf I built from scraps.
14-count Aida cut to fit the inside of the doors. Did this while the putty was drying. After the putty was dry and sanded I coated the whole thing with off-white spray paint.
Blue paint for the top and trim based on the blue from the wallpaper. Had to mix it since FH had the car and none of my blues came close.
Crackled over the blue with pink.
The wallpaper has been cut and decoupaged in place.

Here's the finished product with as many goodies as I had ready tucked inside. I made the bolts of fabric. The notions, patterns, and tape measure are printies. I will be cuttig more of the printies out later on.

It's kind of Shabby Chic. I think seeing pinks, blues, and creams together in other people's projects has had an affect on me. But I really like the paper I used and those are the colors that fit. Now I get to decorated the BD's sewing room around this cabinet. But at least I have an idea of what to do with it now. ;-)

I still have to make the handles and cut a few more printies. I got myself so excited over this that I just had to share now. ;-)


Debbie said...

Great Cupboard Kat. Love the little baskets inside on the shelf. Did you make those?

Sabiha Barkey said...

Your cupboard is looking beautiful,I love the wallpaper,with
the little rozes.It is very good filled also with all kinds of nice goodies!

rosanna said...

You have been busy today, that means you are feeling better and I'm very happy of it. The cabinet is so nice, really pretty and all the little goodies are eye candy. Mini hugs

Jean Day said...

So smart, I really like your aida cloth idea for inside and your crackle worked so well. Love the colours.

Anonymous said...

I love your sewing cabinet. The roses from the wallpaper on the front really make it! I also love the idea of the aida cloth for hanging things on. Wonderful.

Alice said...

Beautiful! Hard to believe it started as a Michaels hutch, but your pictures prove it. The crackle finish looks great! And I love the theme. I sew, therefore I appreciate it!

Hmmm. Should I dig out pictures of the Michaels hutch I transformed a few years back? With it, I tossed the doors and I kept the knobs! LOL

Katie's Clay Corner said...

I'm so behind on my comments....I apoligize for that! I love the sewing cabinet! Looks really good! The easter animals turned out so cute!! Love the rug.....neat design! Glad to hear Castor is hanging in their...loved his nose shot!!!

:) Think I remembered it all:)

Brad said...

So, is your real-life sewing cabinet that organized? :รพ

Looks nice. I'm always amazed at the amount of detail you can fit in.

MiniKat said...

Debbie: Glad you like it! The baskets are a printie of Grace's that I found before my blogging days. I absolutely love them! (If you read this, thanks you, Grace!)

Sabiha: Thank you very much! :-)

Rosanna: I didn't do this all today. I've worked with it on and off all week. I finally got it to this point Saturday night. Glad you like it.

Jean: I'm not sure where I came up with the Aida idea, but it seems so right given how as real life dressmakers my mother and I used pegboards and cork-boards for everything. I'm really enjoying the crackle now that I played with it in my Shabby Chic Shoppe.

Doreen: I had that scrap of wallpaper from a book of discontinued samples. Actually I have two or three more pieces that are the same pattern but in different colors. It's a great way to have a great variety of different things on hand.

Alice: Dig away! I would love to see it. I bought that hutch before FH and I ever met. I had just started over with minis in college.

Katie: I think you remembered everything. ;-) Birthdays are a great reason to not read all the blogs. ;-)

Brad: You know better! I don't even have a cabinet like that, or else you'd have helped move it here. Smart aleck! Wish I did though. Maybe when we have a proper home with a bit more space.

Pubdoll said...

The cabinet is lovely - a great idea! Like Debbie, I also love the little baskets inside!
Thanks for sharing the process and
I hope your jaw gets better soon!

Karen B. said...

I love it! And the little bolts of fabric are really precious. Get feeling better!

Liberty Biberty said...

Absolutely beautiful! Perfect!