Friday, April 10, 2009

Sometimes Ups Outnumber the Downs

No work for FH today! Huzzah for a three day weekend!

Today started with FH and I taking Castor to the vet. He has lost two pounds since before Yule. The vet drew some blood and gave him some fluids. We will know more tomorrow when the blood tests are done.

After we got home I found this beauty in the mailbox:
Isn't it adorable!?! Love the bunnies! Hand crafted by Alice of Double Purr! Thank you again, Alice!

Then I put together three parcels for the mail and we went into Peoria for shopping and lunch.

A new restaurant opened in town called Feldan's. It's locally owned and run by a married couple who do all of the cooking themselves. There is a buffet, regular menu, and full bar. How rare is it to find a buffet who silverware is wrapped in napkins and wiped spotless before it's wrapped? I mean spotless. The entire place is clean. The decor is very comfortable and casual, the music is jazz, and the food is fabulous! We will be going back in the future.

After shopping we treated ourselves to a nap. A rare luxury these days.

To further brighten my day, Castor has been in the office with the most recent paper wad and begging me to throw it for him. Apparently the fluids today have made him feel quite a bit better. Hopefully we will know a course of treatment tomorrow morning.


Debbie said...

Happy Easter Kat hope you and yours have a wonderful time.

rosanna said...

Happy Easter Kat, I wish you a fine good day

Liberty Biberty said...

Sounds like you're having a relaxing time! Happy Easter!

Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

What a lovely day - and you deserve it!