Friday, April 24, 2009

No New Minis Today

I got a message this morning that a friend's son had been in an accident yesterday afternoon. He flipped off his skateboard going down a hill. No he wasn't wearing a helmet or pads. No, he wasn't supposed to be out skateboarding as he was grounded at the time. She had been with him all night at the hospital. He had a concussion, several staples and stitches, but he is fine.

This afternoon I had his younger sister (the artist of the orange card) here with me while her mother went to get her brother from the 24-hour observation at the hospital.

We played "I Spy" with my Christmas scene.
As you can see, there's a lot of things to "spy" in this room. I will do a real post on the scene another night. I'm exhausted from running errands and have to be up early tomorrow.

FH and I are both going to the bow meet tomorrow. I'm going to take pictures of the guys while they play and use the space to cut wood for furniture for the Greenleaf. I'm taking the rug along for a second project in case I get to a stopping point with the furniture stuff.


rosanna said...

I can spy cross stich there! and a cat on the tree and a ribbon reel forgotten on the floor. Kat it's so lively, I love it.

MiniKat said...

Thank you, Rosanna! :-)

Anonymous said...

I do hope your friends son is ok. What a wonderful way to entertain her daughter. That is a fantastic scene and there sure is a lot to "I spy" with. All the little animals and their antics are great.

Katie's Clay Corner said... and the kids watched some show last night called Scarred, it's about kids who fall off their bikes/skateboards and get really messed up, I couldn't even watch it~ very gross! I hope your friends son is don't realize the conquences until it's to late some times.....Maybe next time he'll wear pads and a helmet?!

Love the little Christmas scene...I spy a cat in the tree and a bunny eating Santa's cookies...Love all the family detail in there!!!