Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Nose Knows

In case you are wondering, Castor decided to "help" me take pictures this evening.

See how regal he is? Even sick he can still be handsome. Now let's just get some meat back on those old bones so he can be sleek again.

More minis after the Sun is up again. :-)


julie campbell said...

Oh he is gorgeous, very handsome indeed with quite a regal air !
julie xx

Karen B. said...

He's beautiful, but no so good with a camera.

Caseymini said...

Get Well Soon Castor! I will send Mookie over to teach you to use a camera. He's pretty good at it.

Tallulah~Belle said...

He is really beautiful. Is he part Siamese ?

Get well soon Castor.

MiniKat said...

Jayne: He and Pollux are "Siamese hybrids." Their momma was a calico with a slim little Siamese body and their daddy was jet black with green eyes.

Only genetic recombination can explain how these two popped out looking like Siamese cats. Both boys have blue eyes, but Castor is the only one with white on his face and feet. Pollux looks like a classic seal point.

Tallulah~Belle said...

Ahhh...i thought so.

Mick used to have a gorgeous Siamese cat with blue eyes...his name was Sinatra.

MiniKat said...

Jayne: Did Sinatra yowl at night? Pollux has gotten so bad with the caterwauling that we've had to medicate him for his own safety.

If he gets too anxious his irritable bowel disease flares up and his poor insides get in such a fit that it takes weeks of medicines to straighten them out again.

Tallulah~Belle said...

No he didn't really. He wasn't as vocal as you'd expect but he was pretty old.

He had this weird fear of computer monitors though...well not so much a fear as a strange curiosity...he'd stare into one we had on the was always turned off...but it was as though he could see something in there...and didnt' like it ! it was very spooky.