Wednesday, April 29, 2009

From My Stash 4-29-09

This week's installment is a memorial tribute to a wonderful artisan who passed away before a good percentage of the miniature world ever discovered her. I knew her simply as Kay, a good-hearted woman with talent to match. These pieces have been in my collection since 2000 and I've been trying to design homes for them that will showcase their lovely detail. Her signature is simply, "Jud."

This collection doesn't even begin to do her range of styles justice. She painted whole rooms of furniture in different styles including country primitive snowmen, Christmas holly, pastoral settings complete with tiny flocks of sheep... They were all amazing. And so was Kay.


Caseymini said...

Kat, only one word for the painting. Beautiful!

Alice said...

Beautiful pieces! You were fortunate to know Kay and acquire some of her pieces. Not only can you enjoy them, but you can remember the artist when you look at them. I have a vignette with pieces in it that were made by people who are no longer with us, so those things are even more precious to me. Thank you for sharing.

Liberty Biberty said...

What beautiful treasures. You are right they do need a special home of their own.

Sans said...

I will treasure these too. Sometimes when you have beautiful pieces like this, it makes building a room difficult cos I am always wondering of it is good enough for the pieces..:D Wonder if you feel the same way.