Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not Much To Report

But I thought I had better post something or a few of you would be after FH for details.

Saw the neurologist today. None of the scary and somewhat problematic things showed up on the tests. But this means we still don't know what is wrong.

She's going to do a nerve conduction study (no needles, just electric shocks) next week to see if she can find a neuropathy.

The pills for my jaw muscles continue to make me think handling sharp objects is a very bad idea. I doubt I will take them for the entire 30 day prescription. Once a get the inflation under control or to the point where the muscles stay loose enough for the anti-inflammatories to work, i.e. when I can eat without wincing, then the rest are going away.

Hoping to get back to minis this week somehow. I do have to say I'm in love with Jane Harrop's Thirties and Forties Miniatures in 1:12 Scale. I spent most of yesterday afternoon reading through it.

The Rendezvous crowd have also suggested that I build a scale replica of an American colonial house and/or Shaker house to bring to the camps where tourists will visit. Then I can give a history lesson with props in addition to spinning on a drop spindle and doing embroidery.

We shall see what comes of that idea.


Leigh said...

I know the report should be good news, but it's still disconcerting to not know what's going on.

The miniature for spinning and embroidery demos is a great idea!

Caseymini said...

Kat, thanks for the report. I do wish that they would find out what is wrong. I am sure this is like being on pins and needles for you. No pun intended! Feel better soon!!! That's an order!

Sans said...

There is also an up side to everything, right, MK? So as long as we are optimistic, we'll be alright! I will check out Jane's miniatures and look forward to seeing anything you make.

Karen B. said...

Hoping you'll get some answers soon, and that you feel well enough to work on the colonial house!

Jean Day said...

It would be so good if they could figure things out soon for you! I used to spin too, still have a couple of looms, drop spindles and spinning wheels. So nice and relaxing to spin.

Tallulah~Belle said...

Hop you can catch a break and get some good news soon (((())))

Liberty Biberty said...

Ohhh, an American colonial or Shaker house I like the sound of those!!

Sharon said...

Oh man, I hear you about the meds. I've had a rough spring so asked my doc for the meds he has offered me in the past - just need to get to June 21st. I felt like I was on a mini-LSD trip, not that I've ever been on one, but the world was so bright that I had to put on my sun glasses and, well never mind, you know what I mean. BTW, what does FH stand for?

Your mini creations are really impressive.

MiniKat said...

"FH" stands for "Fuzzy Husband" ;-)