Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kitty News and Mini Work

Apparently our dear Castor, aka "Bubba," is suffering from a case of pancreatitis. That added to the irritable bowel disease has caused the severe weight loss. The happy news is that it's totally treatable and in general does not cost very much.

The irritating news is 2 of the 3 medications he needs can only be given as a pill or a gel that is absorbed through the ears. This cat will not take pills. He will kill himself trying to get away if you even hint at a pill. Yet we can give him injections with no trouble. *sigh*

We are going to try and slip crushed pills into wet cat food and see if he will tuck in happily. Failing that we pay for the pharmacy to compound the medication into the gel and hope we only need one or two rounds of each before he's straightened out.

Either way he should still have between three and five more years, or hopefully longer, with us that are comfortable.

On the miniature front, I fiddled with the Greenleaf's electrical and everything works with the new junction splice. Best yet, I managed to not impale any of my fingers this go 'round. Had to reglue a couple of places on the walls. They worked loose during the man-handling process of electrifying.

Once the glue dries I can coat the interior with gesso and then start waiting for it to dry. I also drew up an annotated skematic of the wire placement. Took pictures as back-up as well.

Last night I kept walking past a plastic bag with random bits thrown into it. Or at least some of them were random. The rest was a kit for a room in a bag that had been given to me by Aunt Pat. She had thrown some other bits of paper and things in there because it all related to Halloween.

I sorted through it and put together the room using the wallpaper and flooring Pat had put in the bag. This style of room bag had a closed top that was decorated with gift tissue.. a look I really don't care for, so I trimmed the top "cover" down to fit into the bag's bottom and covered it with flooring.
Unlike the regular bags I do this one also had a piece to put at the front of the bag on the inside. Not wanting some other strange piece of craft supply cut for a specific project floating around my craft room, I decided to go ahead and use it. At least I would try something new and see if I liked it or not.

The result is: not really. There are small edges that can be seen in the opening of the bag when the piece is in place. and it being there interferes with my regular method of sliding a thin piece of plexi-glass into the front. Did I mention that piece was double-sided sticky? I did have the forethought to not stick it directly to the bag as the directions called for. Instead I stuck it onto a transparency sheet and turned it into a clear cover. Now I just have to cut a piece of plexi for the top.

Not sure what I will put in there. Probably a table with Halloween treats and a chair. Nothing too fancy. In fact unless I put something in there that is priceless (which I don't forsee) I will probably donate it to be raffled off at a miniature show or something.

The chair for the Independence Day vignette is painted. I'm waiting on FH to return from setting support posts to build a handicaped rap at a friend's home. Then we will go to the store for much-needed groceries and a bottle of hairspray. I don't use it on my hair, so I was irritated when I needed something to drape the quilt with.

Before I would take whatever needed draping to Aunt Pat's. She has a stash of the "good" stuff that you can't buy in stores anymore. It can hold pleats and drapes like magic.

For now I will be thumbing through some books to see what I can make for the Greenleaf with what I have on hand.


A. Wright said...

Glad to hear Bubba will be ok :D cheers!

How did you come across the hamster gadget? It's too cute

MiniKat said...

Found it on someone else's blog. When I clicked it to see what it did, I was taken to the page to set up one for myself.

Sunny Sunflower Miniatures said...

I hope the meds sit well with Bubba.

As I type my hamster is flying on her wheel much like the buddy on your blog!

Alice said...

Hurrah to Castor for having something treatable!

Karen B. said...

Get well soon, Castor!

Leigh said...

That's a relief for Castor. I crush Rascal's l-lysine and mix it with ham baby food. He absolutely adores eating this! And he is not a pill taker either! After all those weeks of chemo, he knows every trick in the book. Unfortunately, that one couldn't be disguised with baby food.