Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Bit More Productive...and a Kilt!

The poor unfinished Easter toys have been completed! Here are my fuzzy chicks and bunnies.

I made a couple of the bunnies with floppy ears. I think they turned out cute. I also like my pink chick. Thank you, Casey, for a fun little project tutorial!

I did some more work on the Anasazi rug.
There's only so much of filling in the white stitching that I can handle at once. To combat the monotony I've jumped around a bit. You can see where I still have places to fill in on this portion. I also have one more black motif to stitch on this half.
FH took me back to a doctor today. The pain in my jaw that we thought was sinus pressure isn't. It's an inflammation of the mandibular jaw that I now have proper medicine to treat. On the upside I've somehow lost a good deal of weight since the last time I was there.

I am still working on the sewing cabinet for the BD that I mentioned before. I'm waiting on the varnish to dry so I can fill the inside. I won't have handles for a while but once I get the goodies in it I will take pictures to show you.

I didn't go to sewing circle today. I still felt awful but at least I got more minis worked on. I'm trying to work through the projects that have somehow migrated out to the kitchen table (again) so I can clear it off (again) and pull out the sewing machine to try the mattresses again.

I took some pictures of FH in his Utilikilt tonight. He's letting me post one without his face here. Something about the picture with the particular (somewhat naughty) shirt and it somehow getting back to work.

Take the "somewhat naughty" as a warning. I suppose you could say it's rated "parental guidance."

It's not really that bad. ;-)


rosanna said...

Really cute little animals. The background is the most boring thing, isn't it? i'm haapy they found out a cure for your painful jaw. Get well soon, a hug.

Caseymini said...

Love the floppy ears! I never thought of that. I'm glad that they have medication for your sore jaw. Feel better soon!

A. Wright said...

The fuzzy ball animals turned out really nice. That is another tutorial on my to-do list. (That list is getting a tad inflated now with all the great blogs I've discoved).

Glad to hear you got so meds to help with the pain.

Mini Hugs.