Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More of the Rug and Fun Extras

I hope everyone enjoyed Earth Day today! :-)

Here's the latest installment of progress on the rug.
I worked on it a bit yesterday, but I was still feeling quite dazed from the muscle relaxers. Hoping to get more done on it tomorrow and Friday.

I puttered around with the Greenleaf today. The upstairs is papered. The downstairs ceiling has been measured for it's paper and floor template.

Other than that it's been a light day for minis. Went out with girl-friends for lunch. We were celebrating one of them buying a house.

Got the cutest thank-you note from the other friend's little girl from a trip to the ice cream parlor.
The middle bowl of ice cream (yes, they're ice creams, can't you tell?) is mine, as I had a caramel swirl mixed in. Hers is on the left, because it's got sprinkles and M&Ms (lines and circles) mixed in. She couldn't remember the flavor her mother got though, so it's just scribbles. I put it up on the refrigerator where all lovely drawings and cards done by children belong.

Tomorrow I should get the ceiling into the first floor of the Greenleaf and perhaps get that floor papered as well. I still have to decide what on Earth I will do for floors.

FH and I brainstormed some things I could do as displays for the Rendezvous-era minis. Hobby Builder Supply sells a display case divided into fourths. I'm thinking about putting a different scene of everyday life (growing food, baking bread, spinning/other textiles, smoking meats, etc...) into each section.

That would leave me free to do a simple main room of a colonial house in a regular roombox, thus allowing me to show many different things with only two roomboxes to carry around. And by spinning or doing whatever handwork I'm playing with, it will attract the "touristas" attention so they come over and get a history lesson and hopefully an interest in minis and/or fibers.

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Leigh said...

The real question is, are the muscle relaxers helping?????? The rug looks great.