Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Castor's Medicines

The injections of B12 are once a week. Not a problem.

Trying to crush pills and hide them in food = FAIL!

The steroid and the imunosuppressant pills are not cut, and therefore not that difficult (for now) to get down his throat. We shall see how well that works. He's on them for about two months.

The appetite stimulant IS cut in half and apparently tastes foul. That one may prove difficult. Fortunately it may not be necessary.

Between my health and Castor's it was decided that I will not be going to St. Louis for the miniature show this month. Fortunately I've won several items by a particularly wonderful artisan and have found various wonderful places to order supplies like hat straw, no-hole beads, and other bits that I could only find at shows before.

I think once I order my copy of Angie Scarr's new book I will color myself content with new toys for the season and not be sad to have missed the show...at least not too much.

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