Wednesday, April 22, 2009

From My Stash 4-22-09

This week I have more pictures of foods I have made. This time it's cookies (biscuits) and they are all loose in their bags. I apologize for a lack of pretty presentation, but I was in a hurry.

Brownies with chopped nuts:
Chocolate chunk cookies:
Chocolate iced bar cut sugar cookies and oatmeal raisisn cookies:
Christmas cookies:
Heart-shaped sugar cookies:
Leaf-shaped sandwich cookies(loved these as a child):
Thumbprint cookies with the oatmeal raisin cookies above them:
Sugar cookies:
I will try and get pictures of some of these plated when I know where they are going to live.

If anyone needs cookies for anything, let me know! ;-)


Caseymini said...

Kat! The cookies are making me humgry. Yum! I did stop to feed the hamster. Now I am going to go look for something good to eat.

Kim said...

I agree with Casey- I am getting hungry just looking at them. So pretty- even without plates :)

A. Wright said...

The thumbprints are my favorite, though they're all super yummy looking.

I assume you're feeling a bit better this afternoon then? Good to see you back on your feet.

Jean Day said...

Your cookies look delicious!! So nice to see what you have made.

Tallulah~Belle said...

Delish...makes me hungry to look at them as well. Good job there are no cookies in the house :-)

rosanna said...

Kat I was thinking they were real! I realized they were minis only when I saw your finger. So perfect.

Doreen said...

Those cookies are great - so real looking. It would be nice boxed up all ready for a Christmas cookie exchange!

Katie's Clay Corner said...

They look really real...Now I want some kind of chocolate...those browines look so yummy!! You know, You could also do a cookie giveaway...maybe one of each on a nice plate or something??

Brad said...

Those brownies look edible. Now I want chocolate.

MiniKat said...

Casey: I made myself hungry too, so you're not alone. I'm glad someone besides me feeds the little guy. ;-)

Kim: Thank you!

April: Not quite back on my feet, but feeling much better. I skipped last night's dose of the "happy pills."

Jean: Thank you!

Jayne: Yeah I got hungry for cookies too after I took the pictures.

Rosanna: I realized after I posted the pictures that I had left out a picture with a scale for reference. Glad my thumb happened to be in a shot.

Doreen: That's a really good idea.

Katie: That's also a really good idea.

Brad: I thought you had been subjected to "show and tell" the last time you were here. I guess that means I have to make you real brownies when we come visit. ;-)

Liberty Biberty said...

Kat, they are amazing, they all look so real! What do you make them from? One day I'll have to try some mini baking. For some reason making mini food scares me!

MiniKat said...

I use whatever polymer clay is handy. Usually SculpyIII, but FIMO and cernit are also kicking around my workroom.

I prefer FIMO for candies and making canes since it's nice and shiny when baked and can be sliced without reheating.

If I wasn't on the other side of the planet I would come show you how easy it is to make foods from clay. :-)

Brad said...

I don't think you had the chocolate when I was there last. You know what else sounds good right now -- I think it was the john wayne breakfast from that little diner. And pancakes.

Pubdoll said...

Those cookies looks so delicious!
I thought they were real at first, too!

MiniKat said...

Brad: The Busy Corner. Yes you're remembering the John Wayne Breakfast.

Pubdoll: Thank you! :-)

Christine said...

Do you ever make mini food in quarter scale - my bears are hungry!

MiniKat said...

Christine: Hmm... I haven't yet but as I've been experimenting with quarter scale lately I may have to give it a try. ;-)

Will let you know.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Love all your cookies and cakes. You did ever so well to make so many.