Friday, April 3, 2009

From My Stash 4-1-09... Two Days Late

I got back to my craft room and discovered I had left my water glass in the office and that I never posted a Stash post on Wednesday. The camera happened to be on my worktable so I snapped some pictures and came back for my water glass. :-)

These gorgeous foods were made by Barb Lewis. I could not resist the watermelon. It's her specialty but the picture does not do it justice!
A friend of mine who had never met FH walked right up to him at a show and informed him that he needed to give me $20 for celery.
He did. Without batting an eye he pulled out his wallet and handed me a $2o bill. I laughed... then I went and bought the celery. The picture doesn't show it well, but Barb made the veins. It's a fantastic piece.

Here's an aerial view that includes part of Barb's business card. I try to keep a piece of card or contact information with each item. If I use it in a scene I store the card in a folder with other things like preliminary sketches, wiring diagrams, etc.

The second portion of my Stash today is from another Barb, Barb H. from my St. Louis mini group. This Barb loves miniature food. Loves it! I have no clue how much of it she's got stashed away. Not only does she love buying it, she loves giving it too. This piece was a birthday gift a year or so ago.
I think this platter is too cool! I love the onion rings! The plating is perfect, right down to the garnish of celery and ranch to go with the spicy hot chicken wings.

Here's the best gift though.
Barb found the cookie jars as a Christmas ornament and made the cookies to go with.
Aren't they adorable? I love them to pieces! I'm either going to use them in a Christmas setting in the near future or use them as seasonal decoration in my "big dollhouse" when I get it finished. I haven't quite decided. Of course the Christmas setting in question hasn't even been started and the big dollhouse hasn't been worked on in ages. I really need to do that. Maybe once the Greenleaf is finished...


Miz Minka said...

You know, until I discovered your blog I really had no idea what wonderful artistry and craftsmanship is involved in this miniatures world. I'm continually amazed at the realism of these tiny treasures!

And how on earth would you recreate the "bread crumb-y" surface texture of onion rings en miniature??

Mommylion said...

I'm in awe of the celery. I thought it was for sure real. It took me a second to work through that you were photographing minis :)

Liberty Biberty said...

All that mini food is amazing! Lucky you!

Sans said...

What a great idea, the tag with the mini. Keeping a record of everything is driving me nuts!

A. Wright said...

The onion rings make me want to go to A&W. Thanks for sharing!

MiniKat said...

Miz Minka: Sand. That's a way to make bread crumb-y texture on the onion rings.

Mommylion: Yeah I fell in love with that celery when I saw it but had used all my show money. That's when my friend badgered my not-then-husband for the cash! ;-)

Mercedes: The luckiest part is getting to share and trade with great friends. My friend who made the cookies is still just learning to make foods but it's great getting these little gifts from her. The hard part is figuring out what to make for them next. ;-)

Sans: Hope a mini tag works for you! :-)

A.Wright: We have an A&W here... hmm.... that does sound good!

Karen B. said...

I love the tiny cookies to pieces, too. And your hubby must be pretty wonderful.

MiniKat said...

Karen: He is. :-)

Jean Day said...

I'm really getting hungry, lol!! What wonderful pieces, it is so great you keep track of name of the artists too, thanks for sharing your folder idea on a project. I always thought I would never forget some of the artists but I have!