Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Independence Day Vignette

It's done! I'm calling it "We the People."

I would feel smug but since I started this on Independence Day last year and it sat unfinished for months, I think I will just be happy that's finished and leave off the smugness for a faster completion time. ;-)Full shot of the left hand side.
Full shot of the right hand side.
The bag of the bag has the Declaration of Independence decoupaged on it along with some quotes from the gentlemen responsible. The sides of the bag are covered in similar quotes.
I decided Ben could stay where he was. It grew on me after a while. I did move the "United We Stand" sculpture next to him. It looked fitting.

The star decoration came from a magazine. I trimmed it up and decoupaged it to a piece of scrap wood painted deep burgundy.
The kitty on the quilt and the dog came out of my stash. They had no particular destination and I thought they looked the best.


Liberty Biberty said...

Hi Kathleen! I'm just catching up on some blog reading tonight. I see you have a teensy statue of Liberty in there, where did it come from? I have to have one of those! Everytime Liberty sees one she says, "look, it's the statue of me". And whenever she has a n icecream in a cone she holds it up high and says,"who do I look like?"
Great little room!

MiniKat said...

Mercedes, the statue was a charm from jewelry. One of my sisters makes jewelry as a side job and she always gives me bits and bobs to play with. I will see if she has another. :-)

MiniKat said...

I should say the teensy one on the pie safe is a charm. The larger one came with candies inside of it when I was about Liberty's age.