Sunday, March 6, 2011

When the Husband Asks Nicely for Help...

Really, really nicely... then I have no real choice but to help.  FH needed a second pair of hands this evening for bottling some beer he made.  Carboys are heavy, even when they're empty and bottling is messy.  But it was fun.

These are from bottling the porter FH and his brother brewed on New Year's Eve.

This is an orange and ginger mead that could not be bottled due to FH discovering carbon-dioxide still present in the liquid.  We moved it to a clean carboy so the gas could bubble out and the mead would not have to keep sitting on top of dead yeast.  It has a gorgeous color and the smell is heavenly.

I'll show my progress on the birth announcement tomorrow.  Maybe I'll even get it done whilst I wait for the UPS man to bring the roombox kit.

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Leigh said...

I hadn't thought about mead. I've tried ginger beer with no success. I've read several other's blog reports of trying ginger beer, all also without success. Mead sounds nice though.